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Your co-pilot for managing remote teams with AI.
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Waggle is an AI-based tool designed to assist in managing remote teams effectively. The aim is to enhance productivity by offering real-time coaching, guidance for efficient leadership, and automated task management.

With a focus on improving your management style as you work, Waggle tackles leadership challenges and aids in the development of positive team dynamics.

Whether you're a CEO, COO, People Manager, Sales Leader, or an Engineering Leader, it brings to the fore strategies and solutions curated for optimal results.Waggles features are diverse and instrumental in transforming your team management experience.

Its AI takes notes for you during meetings, helping you stay in the moment while also providing feedback on improvement areas. Automated action items are accurately assigned by the AI, allowing you to keep track of necessary tasks.

Other features include a focus on high-impact work and skills development, in addition to offering team analytics.The tool also addresses the issues of manager burnout by facilitating automated tasks and prioritizing work based on requirements.

It aids in meeting preparations by creating custom meeting agendas succinctly, and ensures insightful and supportive conversations. Waggle caters to various meeting formats from individual 1-on-1s to larger team meetings, always striving for efficiency and effectiveness.Waggle works seamlessly with tools you already use.

It integrates with Slack, Zoom, G-Suite, Microsoft, and more, providing a unified, streamlined approach to management. All the features are designed with the needs of managers in mind, aiming to reduce the strain of admin tasks, increase productivity, and ultimately improve team performance.


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Pros and Cons


Automated task management
Real-time coaching
Leadership development focus
Improves meeting efficiency
Aids in preventing burnout
Provides team analytics
Seamless integration with tools
Facilitates various meeting formats
Assigns automated action items
Attention to high-impact work
Skills development support
Automated agenda creation
Stress reduction for managers
Enhances team performance
Custom solutions for different leadership roles
Meeting preparation assistance
Goal-oriented strategies provision
Optimal results orientation
Bespoke meeting agendas
Insightful and supportive conversations
Prioritizes work based on need
Supports both remote and in-house teams
Comprehensive task automation
Designed with managers in mind
Practices behavioural science
Calendar optimization feature
Reduced admin tasks
Automated meeting notes
Active integrations with Zoom, Slack, etc.
Research and data-backed design
Task and notes collaboration
Elevates management skills on-the-fly
Behavioural insights for leadership improvement
Data security measures
Data encryption and secure storage
Personalized management tips
Enhanced productivity measures
Training while working feature
Facilitates remote and hybrid teams
Free trial provision
Custom solutions for different leadership roles
Positive team dynamic development
Transparent subscription model
Content-rich resource section
Calendar coordination and optimization


Lack of offline usage
Limited managerial styles support
No voice-control commands
Requires third-party integrations
No mobile application
Lack of multi-language support
No live customer service
Only supports specific meeting formats
Premium services can be expensive
New features only in beta


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