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Remote team productivity enhanced through visualization.
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WorkViz is a performance tool specifically designed for remote teams. With the help of AI capabilities, WorkViz enables managers to visualize productivity and maximize team performance.

By analyzing work logs and monitoring active time in selected applications, WorkViz generates automated daily reports, simplifying the reporting process for managers.

Additionally, the tool allows employees to express their feelings through emojis, empowering them to communicate their workload and stress levels. WorkViz also alerts managers when team members are approaching their capacity, helping to prevent productivity dips and identify roadblocks in real-time.Security is a top priority for WorkViz, as the tool only records the names and running duration of programs without accessing the actual input content.

All user data is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized users within the organization. The tool also offers a code audit option for enterprise users to address any potential concerns.Customers have praised WorkViz for its ability to identify areas for improvement, drive operational enhancements, and provide real-time results.

It has been particularly lauded for its ease of creating daily reports, time tracking, and providing clear visibility into workload and mental health.

WorkViz has been featured on Product Hunt and offers various avenues for staying updated with the latest developments.Overall, WorkViz is a comprehensive performance tool that uses AI to visualize and enhance the productivity of remote teams, while prioritizing data security and employee well-being.

WorkViz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Remote team performance visualization
Automated daily reporting
Workload and mental health visibility
Real-time productivity alerts
Identifies operational improvement areas
Data security priority
Program duration without content access
User-data encryption
Code audit option
Proactive roadblock spotting
Express feelings via emojis
Prevents productivity dips
Easy time tracking
Featured on Product Hunt
Keeps updates on developments
Customer-praised ease of use
Activity logging in selected apps
SSL security protocols
Employee capacity monitoring


No offline access
Limited application compatibility
Lack of custom reports feature
Possible privacy concerns
No multilingual support
Dependent on continuous internet connection
No direct employee feedback option
No specific task tracking
No options for individual productivity tracking
No free version available


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Can employees express their feelings through WorkViz?
Does WorkViz provide alerts when team members are near their capacity?
What is the code audit option in WorkViz?
How have customers found using WorkViz?
Does WorkViz have a feature to enhance communication within remote teams?
Can WorkViz help in tracking time?
Was WorkViz featured on Product Hunt?
How can WorkViz help in operational improvements?
Does WorkViz only work for remote teams or can office-based teams use it as well?
Why do they say WorkViz is useful for maintaining employees' mental health?
What is the method for starting a trial with WorkViz?


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