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Enhanced team collaboration for productivity.
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BubbleTea App is a comprehensive suite of highly secure and encrypted AI-powered tools designed specifically for Slack. It offers a centralized control hub for seamless integration with various apps, enhancing team efficiency and communication.

The app provides a range of main features, including polls, quizzes, group tasks, greeting cards, stand-up meetings, and announcements/notifications.The polls feature allows teams to swiftly capture team perspectives for informed decision-making.

The quizzes feature enhances engagement and concentration by offering an interactive quiz game. The group tasks feature enables teams to seamlessly capture and manage tasks together.

The greeting cards feature allows for celebrating special occasions and milestones directly within Slack. The stand-up feature facilitates efficient team status updates and helps identify blockers.

The announce/notify feature eliminates channel overload by enabling users to receive only relevant updates.The app also offers additional features like feature toggles, advanced encryption, and AI capabilities, but these are exclusively available in the premium plan.

BubbleTea App prioritizes security and privacy, employing end-to-end encryption to protect data transmission between Slack and the service as well as robust encryption measures for data at rest.

Customer data is handled securely using encryption keys obtained from Amazon AWS's key management system, and these keys are regularly rotated to enhance security.BubbleTea App aims to enhance team productivity and satisfaction by providing the necessary tools without interfering or inundating users with unsolicited messages.

The app offers a free trial and a competitive pricing plan. It also complies with security and compliance standards and provides a variety of resources, including FAQs, pricing information, getting started guides, and help and support options.

BubbleTea was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 9th 2023.
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