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Assists in writing emails and messages.
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Magical AI is a free AI writing assistant tool powered by ChatGPT’s technology. It is designed to help users write emails or messages online by automating annoying tasks and easing the writing process.

With Magical AI, users can create messages from scratch, update forms instantly, and auto-fill repetitive work, anywhere and anytime within their browser.

The tool can be used on 10,000,000+ apps such as Gmail, Zendesk, Salesforce, and LinkedIn, among others. Magical AI has various features like Quick Replies that generate responses to emails or InMails with just one click, AI Assisting which uses the // symbol to prompt users with writing emails, subject lines, tweets, or any other type of content, and Contextual Accuracy that understands the context of the site users are on and fills in details like First Name, Company Name, or Address listed in a profile.

Magical AI also caters to specific use case categories like Recruiting, Sales, Customer Support, Healthcare, TextExpander, Autofill, Teams, and AI. Magical AI is free for everyone to use and is rated 4.6 stars with 2,620+ reviews in the Chrome Store.

It is used by over 500,000+ people at 20,000+ companies, including big brands like PayPal, Etsy, Disney, Verizon, Instacart, and Intuit. The tool is powered by GPT3.5 and does not require users to have their OpenAI API-Key to function.

Magical AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Task automation
Writing assistance
Works on 10,000,000+ apps
One-click email responses
Contextual accuracy
Fills in details
Various use case catering
Free for everyone
High Chrome Store rating
Used by big brands
Recommendations based on team behavior
Available anywhere within browser
Provides quick replies
Data extraction from search pages
Automatic repetitive work autofill
Job-specific use case categories
Compatible with Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail
Ability to draft messages from scratch
Grammar and spelling check
Can save favorite messages
Ability to pull data from various sources
Powered by GPT3.5
Continual updates planned
Free assistant focused on productivity
500,000+ users
20,000+ companies use tool
Data filling in various apps
Automated form filling
Positive user reviews
Time savings for users
Ability to personalize messages
Ease of installation via Chrome
Strong community support
Engaged user base
Efficient customer support
Backend resources for troubleshooting
Compatibility with major workplace apps
Assists in generating subject lines
Streamlines social media posts
Simplifies data entry tasks
Saves time on repetitive messages


Limited to 200 characters
Desktop version only
Limited to specific apps
Accuracy depends on context


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How does Magical AI ensure Contextual Accuracy?
Can Magical AI be used in specific use case categories like Recruiting, Sales, Customer Support, and Healthcare?
Is Magical AI really free for everyone?
What is the overall rating and reviews of Magical AI in the Chrome Store?
Is there a requirement to have an OpenAI API-Key to use Magical AI?
How can I use the AI Assisting feature in Magical AI?
How does Magical AI auto-fill repetitive work?
Why is Magical AI loved by big brands like PayPal, Etsy, and Disney?
Can Magical AI be used on multiple platforms such as Gmail, Zendesk, Salesforce, and LinkedIn?
How does the Autofill feature work in Magical AI?
What is the basic technology behind Magical AI?
Can Magical AI help teams become more productive?
How will AI change the way I work with Magical AI?
How can Magical AI assist me in writing the perfect sales outreach email?
Does Magical AI help in reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks?


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