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Media asset and content management platform.
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Veritone is an enterprise AI platform that offers innovative and customized AI solutions to help businesses transform their operations and navigate the complexities of digital information.

The platform, known as aiWARE, provides highly modular capabilities suitable for both small and large AI practices. One of the key features of Veritone is its ecosystem of over 300 AI models, which allows users to leverage best-of-breed AI engines for various tasks.

These engines cover a wide range of areas including generative AI, audio, biometrics, data, speech, text, and vision.Moreover, Veritone enables the integration of AI into existing solutions, making it possible to enhance and optimize current processes.

The platform offers integrations with popular tools such as Snowflake, Alteryx, and Axcelerate, allowing users to seamlessly add AI capabilities to their workflow.Veritone also provides a variety of AI applications tailored to specific use cases.

These applications include attribute-based radio attribution, lifelike 3D avatar creation, low code/no code workflow building, law enforcement data collection, media asset management, content search and tracking, suspect identification, evidence discovery and analysis, job recruitment optimization, and automated redaction of sensitive information.Additionally, Veritone offers services such as AI model onboarding, workflow development, application development, data reporting and visualization, managed services for content creation and licensing, and professional consulting.Overall, Veritone's enterprise AI platform and comprehensive suite of AI solutions cater to businesses across different industries, including media and broadcast, government, legal and compliance, and sports.

Veritone was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 22nd 2023.
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