Task automation 27 Jul 2023
Task automation and productivity enhancement.

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iMean is a Chrome extension that combines generative AI with automation to help users automate manual work using natural language. It seamlessly integrates with various web-based software and webpages without requiring any connections.

This AI assistant understands natural language and interacts with systems to complete tasks.With iMean, users can automate tasks such as drafting customized emails in Gmail, scheduling events in Google Calendar or Zoom, copying LinkedIn job information to Notion based on specific criteria, sending personalized LinkedIn messages, splitting epics in various project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Notion, or ClickUp, generating to-do lists based on meeting notes, and performing bulk content updates in project management tools.The tool offers a range of scenarios where it can assist users in automating tasks and improving productivity.

It allows users to draft emails with customized content, schedule meetings, copy job information, send personalized messages, split project epics, generate to-do lists, and perform bulk content updates.iMean also provides channels for users to share feedback or report any problems through Discord or Jira.

Users can explore example prompts provided to get an idea of how iMean can help them with specific tasks.Overall, iMean is a versatile AI assistant that leverages generative AI and automation to streamline manual work and enhance productivity through natural language interaction.

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zirui zhong
· Aug 23, 2023
just a couple task perform well, but its Potential
· Aug 21, 2023
I've been using this automation tool for a while now and I am genuinely impressed by its stability and speed. Although it currently offers a limited number of workflows, it still outperforms many other automation tools on the market in terms of convenience and efficiency.
· Aug 8, 2023
Very helpful!

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Supports various web software
Understands natural language
Automates email drafting
Schedules events in Calendar
Automatically sends LinkedIn messages
Task assistance in Jira
Task assistance in Asana
Task assistance in Trello
Task assistance in Notion
Task assistance in ClickUp
Creates to-do lists
Performs bulk content updates
Shares feedback through Discord
Shares feedback through Jira
Submits tickets via Jira
No connections required
Supports task customization
Instruction guide provided
Seamless software integration


Limited to Chrome extension
No mobile app support
Dependent on natural language accuracy
Data privacy concerns
No multi-language support
Relies on web-based software
Limited customer service channels
Undefined update frequency
No offline capabilities
No clear pricing information


What is iMean?
How does iMean integrate with other applications?
How is iMean used for automation of tasks?
In which project management tools can iMean be used?
Can iMean be used with email platforms like Gmail?
Can I automate the process of drafting emails with iMean?
How does iMean interact with systems using natural language understanding?
Does iMean require any connection for integrating with other webpages or tools?
Can I schedule events in Google Calendar using iMean?
Is iMean capable of sending personalized LinkedIn messages?
What is the method of providing feedback or reporting any issues with iMean?
How can iMean perform tasks like splitting epics in project management tools?
Can I update content in bulk with the help of iMean?
Does iMean offer any example prompts for users to understand its functionality?
Where can I find the option to share feedback in iMean?
How frequently is iMean updated?
How much space does the iMean extension take up in Chrome?
What languages does iMean support?
What is iMean's privacy policy?
Can I use iMean's AI assistant to generate to-do lists?

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