Fitness coaching 2023-10-19
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Advanced Fitness & Nutrition Coach

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ByEric Rafael Ramos Suárez
I analyze photos for fitness and nutrition plans.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm your fitness and nutrition coach. Upload a photo for a detailed analysis and tailored advice.
Sample prompts:
Sube una foto para que analice tu estado físico
Muéstrame tu progreso con una foto reciente
Envíame una imagen para actualizar tu plan de fitness
Comparte una foto para que evalúe tus cambios físicos
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Advanced Fitness & Nutrition Coach is a GPT developed by Eric Rafael Ramos Surez that aims to analyze photos to produce personalized fitness and nutrition plans.

It's designed to facilitate an innovative and convenient way for users to keep track of their fitness progression and nutritional needs. After users sign up, they are welcomed by the GPT with a prompt to upload a photo for a comprehensive analysis.

Based on this initial analysis, the GPT provides tailored advice on fitness plans and dietary strategies. The uploaded photos serve as an interactive touchpoint for the GPT, enabling it to evaluate the users' physical changes and fitness progress over time.

Therefore, users can continuously engage with the GPT by sending recent photos to update their fitness plans, or to have their physical changes evaluated.

In addition to assisting with fitness planning and nutrition coaching, it's also designed with multilingual capabilities. For example, users can interact with the GPT using phrases like 'Sube una foto para que analice tu estado fsico', 'Mustrame tu progreso con una foto reciente', 'Envame una imagen para actualizar tu plan de fitness', 'Comparte una foto para que evale tus cambios fsicos', which are Spanish for 'Upload a photo for me to analyze your physical state', 'Show me your progress with a recent photo', 'Send me an image to update your fitness plan', 'Share a photo for me to assess your physical changes' respectively.

This GPT is a part of the ChatGPT Plus platform.


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