Fitness 2023-07-25
Personalized fitness coaching and workout planning
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FITT is an AI-powered workout tool designed to provide personalized fitness experiences, guidance, and progression to its users. With its adaptive capabilities, FITT aims to create a workout routine that suits each individual user's needs and preferences.

The tool prioritizes personalization, ensuring that users receive a fitness program tailored specifically to their goals, abilities, and fitness levels.FITT offers guidance throughout the workout process, helping users understand and perform exercises correctly and effectively.

It provides step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and demonstrations to ensure that users maintain proper form and avoid injuries.One of the key features of FITT is its focus on progression.

The tool encourages users to gradually improve their fitness levels by tracking their progress, updating their workout routines, and challenging them with higher intensity exercises as they become more proficient.In addition to its personalized approach, FITT aims to make fitness enjoyable and engaging.

Users can customize their workout experiences, making them unique and suited to their individual preferences. By tailoring workouts to suit personal tastes and interests, FITT aims to keep users motivated and committed to their fitness journey.Those interested in trying FITT can access the tool for free through their website or mobile app.

FITT ensures privacy and data security, maintaining users' confidentiality and protecting their personal information according to its privacy policy. Regular updates and communication through email subscriptions and social media channels keep users informed about new features, updates, and relevant fitness content.

FITT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized fitness coaching
Individualized workout planning
Adaptive capabilities
Provides exercise guidance
Step-by-step instructions
Form correction support
Fitness progression focus
Progress tracking feature
Workout routine updates
Offers higher intensity challenges
Workout customization options
Motivation enhancement methods
Free access via website/app
Guaranteed data security
Regular updates
Email subscriptions
Social media presence
User-engaging method
Privacy protection


No Android app mentioned
No offline functionality
No family sharing
In-app purchase required?
No integration with wearables
May not cover all workout types
No dietary guidance
No multi-language support
No community forum
No built-in music-player


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