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Custom workout planning for iOS devices.
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Stryde Workout Planner is an AI-powered exercise and workout planner app for iPhone. It allows users to create customized workouts with rest periods, supersets and more, or let the AI do it for them.

It also offers a variety of exercises and sessions, plus tracking and analysis of the user’s performance. It is a free app, with an optional in-app purchase for a single workout.

The app does not collect any user data and is rated 4+ for age. It requires iOS 12.4 or later.

Stryde Workout Planner was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom workout planning
Rest period customization
Superset inclusion
Variety of exercises
Performance tracking and analysis
Free app
Optional in-app purchases
No data collection
Rated 4+ age
Requires iOS 12.4 or later
Bug fix updates
Flexibility in workout creation
From a solo developer
Compact app size (7 MB)
English language support
Available exclusively on App Store


Only for iOS devices
Requires iOS 12.4 or later
No data collection (No personalized suggestions based on data)
In-app purchases required for single workouts
Limited language support (English only)
May have bugs (requires updates)
Lacks variety in exercises


What is the Stryde Workout Planner?
How does the AI functionality of Stryde Workout Planner work?
Can I create custom workouts on the Stryde Workout Planner?
What is the pricing of the Stryde Workout Planner?
Is Stryde Workout Planner free to download?
What information does Stryde Workout Planner track and analyze?
What kind of exercises and sessions does Stryde Workout Planner offer?
On which devices can I use Stryde Workout Planner?
What are the requirements to run Stryde Workout Planner on my device?
What is the age rating for Stryde Workout Planner?
Can I make an in-app purchase on Stryde Workout Planner?
Does Stryde Workout Planner include rest periods and supersets in workout planning?
How is the user data handled by Stryde Workout Planner?
What is the latest version of Stryde Workout Planner and what updates does it include?
Who is the developer of Stryde Workout Planner?
How much storage does the Stryde Workout Planner consume on my device?
Is Stryde Workout Planner available in languages other than English?
Does Stryde Workout Planner have any special features for tracking my performance?
How does Stryde Workout Planner differ from other workout planner apps?
What kind of customer reviews and ratings does Stryde Workout Planner have?


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