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Personalized fitness routine and progress tracker.
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FitnessAI is an AI-powered fitness tool that generates personalized workout routines for users. The algorithm uses data from over 5.9 million workouts and 40,000 weightlifters to optimize sets, reps, and weights for each exercise.

Users can easily log their workouts by tapping circle buttons, and the algorithm provides recommendations on rest times and adjusts the difficulty for future sessions.

The tool tracks users' progress over time, providing clear insights into how FitnessAI is training them and pushing them to new limits.One notable feature is the ability to message real trainers for advice or accountability.

Users can receive guidance from a person and even be alerted if they deviate from their routine. The tool is commended for its ease of use, automatically optimizing workouts and offering an intuitive interface.FitnessAI has garnered positive reviews, with users reporting improved focus during workouts and faster results compared to other fitness apps.

They appreciate the algorithm's ability to take the guesswork out of their routines.Overall, FitnessAI offers a data-driven approach to fitness, leveraging a vast database of workouts to personalize and optimize training sessions.

By providing an easy-to-use interface and clear progress tracking, the tool is suitable for individuals seeking efficient and effective workout routines.

Fitnessai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized workout routines
Optimizes sets, reps, weights
Easy workout logging interface
Recommends rest times
Adjusts difficulty for future sessions
Tracks progress over time
Offers insights on training
Messaging real trainers feature
Provides routine deviation alerts
Helps improve workout focus
Yields faster workout results
Leverages database of 5.9M workouts
User-friendly interface
Clear progress tracking
Easy to understand feed
Regularly updates feed
Enables more weight lifting
Real-time exercise optimization


Limited to weightlifting
No Android support
Lacks offline functionality
No integration with devices
Limited personalization
No diet features
No community features
Geared towards advanced users
No cardio routines
No goal setting features


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How does FitnessAI optimize sets, reps, and weights?
Can I receive guidance from real trainers on FitnessAI?
What makes the FitnessAI interface intuitive?
What kind of results have users reported with FitnessAI?
Is FitnessAI suitable for beginners?
How does FitnessAI help improve focus during workouts?
What data does FitnessAI use to optimize training sessions?
Can FitnessAI alert me if I deviate from my workout routine?
Is there a free trial available for FitnessAI?
What does the 5.9 million workouts and 40,000 weightlifters data mean in terms of FitnessAI optimization?
How can I see the algorithm at work in FitnessAI?
Can FitnessAI replace personal trainers?
How regularly does FitnessAI update workout recommendations?
What platforms is FitnessAI available on?
How can I sign up for FitnessAI?


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