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Create custom meal plans for fitness pros.
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The Strongr Fastr tool is a customizable macro meal planner/generator that automatically generates personalized meal plans based on protein, carb, and fat goals.

By filling out a profile with specific macronutrient goals and clicking 'Generate Plan', the tool creates a diet plan from recipes/meals that align with your nutritional goals.The default setting automatically calculates macros, but users have the option to set specific macro goals on the advanced tab if desired.

This tool can be used for clients by accessing Strongr Fastr's meal planning software for fitness professionals.Macro meal planning focuses on macronutrients, which are the main building blocks of food: protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

The tool helps users ensure they consume adequate protein for muscle building or fat loss. It also enables users to customize their diet plans based on their unique goals, such as limiting carbs.Macro meal planning is beneficial for fitness plans as it helps users reach their weight loss, weight gain, or muscle-building goals.

Hitting macro goals, particularly protein intake, is crucial for retaining muscle mass while losing weight and enhancing overall body composition. Additionally, macro meal planning provides a deeper understanding of the roles that different nutrients play in the body.A good macro meal plan should include at least 0.8-1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

The tool automatically calculates protein requirements for users. The optimal distribution of carb and fat macros is a matter of personal preference, as there is limited evidence on the impact of the split between fat and carbs.

However, the tool accommodates low-carb (keto) plans if desired by the user.In summary, the Strongr Fastr macro meal planner/generator is a valuable tool that creates customized meal plans based on protein, carb, and fat goals.

It supports users in achieving their fitness goals by ensuring adequate protein intake and providing a deeper understanding of nutrient composition.


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Dec 30, 2023
It's a useful AI TOOL with benefits to the free plan too, but It doesn't include brazilian food, a huge con for me

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Pros and Cons


Customizable meal plans
Automatic macro calculations
Specific macro goal setting
Integrated workout builder
Various diet types compatible
Flexible pricing options
Software for fitness professionals
Macronutrient education provided
Automatic protein requirement calculation
Supports low-carb (keto) plans
Detailed macro meal planning
Includes nutrient-rich meals
Log off-plan meals
Simplified protein goal accomplishment
Detailed protein goals guidance


Limited dietary preferences options
No offline mode
Requires internet connection
Lacks recipe diversity
Limited food allergy options
No direct integration with fitness trackers
No family-sharing plan
Mandatory sign-up
No customized exercise guidance


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