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Your all-in-one food assistant using AI to create recipes.
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MyFoodPlanet is an advanced AI-powered food assistant designed to streamline and enhance your meal planning and nutrition tracking. This tool utilizes an AI feature named Orion to provide tailored meal recommendations based on your unique food preferences and dietary goals.

Additionally, this AI can help generate new recipes based on user's preference making the process adaptive and creative. MyFoodPlanet enables you to organize, tag, and manage all your recipes in one place for easy access and well-structured meal planning.

With a drag-and-drop calendar, you can efficiently create meal plans for varying durations. One distinctive feature is the automatic generation of shopping lists from your meal planning calendar, which can be modified based on your needs.

You have the flexibility to upload your list to online shops or print it for in-store purchase. The built-in food tracker allows you to monitor your dietary progress and manage your nutritional goals.

You can manually input data or directly utilize information from your created meal plan. It supports goal setting based on various parameters such as weight loss, calorie tracking, macronutrient balance, among others.

The tool comes with two subscription plans - Star Level and Galaxy Level. The latter includes Orion, a personal AI-powered Food & Fitness Concierge that can chat about fitness, suggest recipes based on your requirements, and create on-the-fly tailored recipes.

Finally, MyFoodPlanet makes it easier to navigate through a vast recipe database with advanced filtering options. The offering is designed to alleviate the stress of meal planning and nutrition management through comprehensive AI-powered analysis and features.


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Pros and Cons


Tailored meal recommendations
Generates new recipes
Adaptive and creative process
Organize recipes in one place
Manage recipes easily
Meal planning calendar
Easy drag-and-drop feature
Generates shopping list
Modify shopping list
Online shopping list upload
Print shopping list
Built-in food tracker
Manages nutritional goals
Manual data input
Uses meal plan data
Goal setting support
Various goal parameters
Two subscription plans
Orion chat function
Recipe suggestions from Orion
On-the-fly recipe creation
Advanced recipe database filtering
Stress relief for meal planning
Comprehensive feature set
User-friendly interface
Nutrition tracking
Integration with Instacart
Automated shopping list generation
Personalized dietary goals
Advanced filtering options
2 million real recipes
Real-time goal progress tracking
Galaxy level features
14-day free trial
90/10 nutrition mode
Orion's fitness discussion
Affordable subscription plans
Dashboard for easy management
Fitness goal setting
Import qualities from the web


No free version
Mandatory subscription for Orion
Limited diet goal parameters
No social sharing features
Doesn't support diverse meal formats
Limited online shopping integrations
No suggested portion sizes
Manual data entry option
No compatibility with fitness apps


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Can I set goals in MyFoodPlanet based on weight loss, calorie tracking or macronutrient balance?
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Can Orion create on-the-fly tailored recipes in MyFoodPlanet?
Is there an integration with Instacart or similar platforms for online shopping using MyFoodPlanet?
How can I import my favorite recipes into MyFoodPlanet?
What is the process to start a free trial on MyFoodPlanet?

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