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MealSnap: AI meal log journal

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Turn your meals into a log journal with AI.
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MealSnap is an AI-powered meal logging application meant to function as a digital journal for one's dietary intake. Available for download from the App Store, the tool is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

It offers users an interactive way to track, manage, and evaluate their food consumption patterns. Users can read reviews and compare ratings to gain insights into its performance and effectiveness. The tool incorporates artificial intelligence to understand the nutritional content of meals from photos, making it simpler for users to keep an accurate log.

The data captured, along with AI's analytical ability, provides assistance to users seeking to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Note that the tool functionalities and usage may differ across devices.

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Pros and Cons


Compatible with iOS devices
Digital journal for meals
Interactive food consumption tracking
Nutritional content from photos
Helps maintain balanced diet
Available on App Store
Insights from reviews and ratings
Detailed nutrition overview
Seamless progress tracking
Insightful diet recommendations
Intuitive interface design
Useful for diet variety
Health and fitness tool
Auto meal logging
Provides visual data graphs
Facilitates healthy eating habits
Automated calorie counting
Instant food recognition
Daily macros widget
Consistent software improvements
Captures wide range of foods
Endorses efficient logging


iOS exclusive
In-app purchases
Requires iOS 13.4+
Not optimized for all devices
Variable Privacy Practices
Personal data collection
Size heavy (39.4 MB)


What is the functionality of MealSnap?
How does MealSnap integrate AI for meal logging?
Is MealSnap only available for iOS devices?
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How does MealSnap analyze the nutritional content of meals?
What type of data analysis does MealSnap provide?
Can MealSnap help me maintain a balanced diet?
What are the main features of MealSnap?
How does MealSnap's food analytics work?
Can MealSnap track my daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake?
Is there an option to compare my diet patterns over time in MealSnap?
Does MealSnap offer insights into how I can improve my diet?
Can MealSnap track the calories in my meals?
Is MealSnap helpful for weight management?
How reliable is MealSnap's AI for recognizing meals from photos?
How can MealSnap help in managing my dietary routines?
Does MealSnap support different dietary plans like keto, vegan, etc?
Can I read reviews and compare ratings of MealSnap in the App Store?
How does the food analysis feature in MealSnap work?
Is MealSnap compatible with iPad and iPod touch as well?


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