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Customizable fitness planner.
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GymBuddy is an AI-powered workout planner that enables users to design exercise routines based on the specific body parts they wish to focus on. The app uses OpenAI's ecosystem to leverage data models and provide users with personalized workouts based on their fitness level.

GymBuddy also aids users in tracking their progress, weight, and exercises that might be challenging. The app features an easy-to-use configuration screen for creating workouts, and users can set their fitness level to ensure appropriate assignments.

They can schedule workouts using the workout scheduler feature (coming soon). Before undertaking any exercises, users are advised to consult with their GP, Doctor, or Physician to ensure they are physically fit for strenuous exercise.

All user data is kept secure, and access is denied to third parties. The app requires a monthly subscription of €7.99 or €79.99 a year, with a two-month free promo.

GymBuddy has a long roadmap ahead, with plans to improve user experience and configuration controls. Users can access the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and technical support is available via email.

Overall, GymBuddy provides a unique way to plan workouts, focusing on personalized routines tailored to one's fitness level and preference.


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GymBuddy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized workout planning
Focus-based exercise routines
Progress tracking
Weight tracking
Exercise difficulty assessment
User-friendly configuration
Workout scheduler feature (upcoming)
GP consultation notice
Secure user data
No third parties access
Monthly/yearly premium subscriptions
Two-month free promo
Continuous improvements planned
Apple App Store availability
Google Play availability
Email-based technical support
Personalized routines
Fitness level-based assignments
Appropriate workout assignment
Easy workout construction
Secure data policy


Subscription model only
Workout scheduler not ready
Requires doctor consultation
Limited technical support channels
Possible advanced configuration limitations
No web version available
Needs more user experience improvements


What is GymBuddy?
How does GymBuddy use AI to create workout plans?
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What is the workout scheduler feature in GymBuddy?
Is GymBuddy suitable for every fitness level?
How secure is my data with GymBuddy?
How can I consult with my GP, Doctor or Physician through GymBuddy?
What is the cost of a GymBuddy subscription?
What is covered in the two-month free GymBuddy promo?
How can I download GymBuddy on my phone?
What do I do if I encounter issues with GymBuddy?
How can I personalize my workouts on GymBuddy?
How does GymBuddy ensure the assigned workouts are appropriate for my fitness level?
What workout configurations are available on GymBuddy?
What features does GymBuddy plan to introduce in the future?
How do I contact GymBuddy's technical support?
How do I login into my GymBuddy account?
What does the 'work at your level' feature do on GymBuddy?
How can GymBuddy help me focus on specific body parts while designing my routine?

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