Fitness 2023-04-26
Tailored health advice and coaching.
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Hoku is an AI-powered health assistant that provides personalized health recommendations and support on-the-go. It offers free service to its users via an app, which is currently only available as a private alpha.

Hoku's features include generating meal plans, suggesting workout routines, and providing instant health advice tailored to the user's health profile.

It also allows users to create custom health plans on the spot, depending on their unique health goals.Additionally, Hoku provides coaching and motivation to its users, with different tone options for users to choose from.

It connects to Apple Health, Android Health Connect, and other services to offer a centralized view of the user's health data, thereby providing smart insights from the data.Regarding privacy, Hoku assures its users that their health data is secure and private.

The app promises never to sell user data to third parties. Hoku also invites alpha-test users to join the app before its public launch scheduled for June 2023.Overall, Hoku is a user-centered AI health coach that simplifies the process of staying healthy by providing personalized health support.

Hoku was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized health recommendations
On-the-go support
Generates meal plans
Suggests workout routines
Instant health advice
Custom health plans
Different coaching tones
Connects to Apple Health
Connects to Android Health Connect
Centralized view of health data
Data-driven insights
Secure health data
No data selling
Free service
Alpha testing access
User-centered approach
Integrated health coach
Real-time health support
Meal planning
Brittleness resistance
Privileged access
Integrated with social networks
Enhanced security features
Customizable workout routines
Ability to share results
Enforced privacy considerations
Efficient health tracking
Future ready design
Early access availability
Escalation process for issues
Instant advice feature
Integrates with other apps
Goal-driven health advice
Personalized motivation
Comprehensive health overview
Continuous learning capability
Scheduled future public launch
Quick, smart and free
Exclusive private alpha membership
Automatic health insights generation
Ongoing improvement from alpha testing
Unified platform for health data
Versatile tone options
Personalised health support
Personalized coaching style
Convenient access via app
On-the-fly custom plan creation
Seamless data integration


Alpha version only
Not publicly available
No third-party integration
Limited device compatibility
Not fully developed
May lack improved features
June 2023 official launch
Confined health data view


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Does Hoku provide coaching and motivation?
How does Hoku connect to my existing health data?
Is my data secure with Hoku?
Does Hoku sell user data to third parties?
Who can sign up for the Hoku alpha test?
When is the official launch of Hoku?
Can Hoku help me develop a custom health plan?
What is the key uniqueness of Hoku's personalised health support?
How does Hoku handle user privacy?
How does Hoku’s tone options work?
How does Hoku analyze your health data to provide smart insights?
Can I access Hoku on both Apple and Android platforms?
How does Hoku learn about what I like?
Does the Hoku app provide a centralized view of my health data?


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