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Tailored Workouts & Instant Feedback - Your Personal Real-Time Guide to Fitness
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Impakt AI Coach is your new workout buddy with a tech twist! Think less generic gym routine, more like a fitness plan that totally gets you and your goals.

What it offers:

Advanced AI Technology - Utilizes sophisticated algorithms for personalized workouts.

Interactive Experience - Conversational AI mimics a human coach, adapting to user feedback and preferences.

Customized Fitness Journeys - Tailors routines to individual goals and progress, evolving with the user.

Real-World AI Application - Demonstrates AI’s potential in personal wellness and fitness.

User-Friendly Interface - Simplifies complex AI operations for ease of use.

Ideal for AI Enthusiasts & Fitness Buffs - Perfect blend of technology and health, showcasing the future of personalized fitness.

FREE and Available on Android and iOS.

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Mar 3, 2024
Awesome work! Amazing app.
Feb 7, 2024
interesting project, good luck on your progress
Feb 6, 2024
I'm rooting for this
Feb 6, 2024
support this project
Feb 6, 2024
Yes I'll recommend it!
Feb 6, 2024
Amazing projects and succes for you
Feb 6, 2024
Great projects
Feb 6, 2024
I will support you're project
Feb 6, 2024
Succes always
Feb 6, 2024
The great 🔥
Jan 16, 2024
The idea behind this is really impressive and marks a positive stride in the realm of AI technology applications.
Dec 19, 2023
Super useful for somebody who don't wanna go to the gym (like me)! Now I can easily keep track of my workout progress.
Dec 19, 2023
This is actually mind blowing (to be fair, most AI stuff these days is). Counting my reps, giving live feedback, a bunch of analytics for each workout/exercise, and one click personalized workouts. Been using it for months now, trying not to break my streak :D
Dec 19, 2023
Completed 77 workouts in this App and can recommend it. Noticeable progress during almost the year of active using. I've lost some weight, gained strength, and overall well-being is better than ever. Like progressing easily with a guidance and all fitness stats aggregated in one place. Love seeing product updating, improving and growing along with my fitness journey. Looking forward for updates and wondering what these guys would introduce next. Definitely worth to try.
Dec 18, 2023
I can finally get fit without needing to think, yay! love working out with this app because I can just focus on the workout and don't need to count my reps or switch to next exercise myself, it does everything automatically. aand I get feedback on my form (I'm a sucker for praise ;-) also, I don't ever need to think about the perfect workout for the day, since the app already builds it for me personally every day
Dec 18, 2023
I used Impakt coach to track my level of pushup, and then had that AI create a workout based on the level that it determined i was in to help me improve my pushups. That felt pretty awesome using AI to improve myself in Impakt. Really impressed with that.
Dec 18, 2023
Very good exercise software
Dec 18, 2023
Really impressed with the AI coach experience, def will want to use it again, looking forward for more updates, especially more features to play with.
Dec 18, 2023
As someone who is new to fitness, Impakt makes it fun and exciting to keep the ball rolling.
Dec 18, 2023
Just tried Impakt AI Coach, and wow, it's super intuitive, it tailors workouts to my goals and adjusts as I progress. The AI guidance feels spot-on, almost like it's reading my mind (or muscles?). Plus, tracking my fitness journey has never been this easy! Definitely a game-changer for my home workouts. High fives to fitness tech!
Dec 18, 2023
As someone very new to fitness. Impakt makes it fun and exciting to keep the ball rolling.
Dec 18, 2023
I exercise with Impakt every day and see great results with just a few minutes. It's very motivating to get back to it. Looks great, works great and they are constantly working to improve it even further.
Dec 18, 2023
AI based, Video assisted, bodyweight workouts with an in-built movement tracker that really does recognise my movements. The AI coach even suggests workout sets by simply typing in what I want to focus on, on that day. My progress is being tracked and the coach motivates me to keep on pushing. I also built my own workout routines that I can share with others and challenge them. I'm enjoying the early version of this App already

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Pros and Cons


Personalized infinite workouts
Real-time workout adjustments
Performance monitoring
Workout customization
Fitness tracking
Performance optimization
Identifies strengths and weaknesses
Available on iOS and Android
Simulates real-world trainer experience
User-centric design
Motivation based on progress
Uses data to optimize workouts
Tracks individual fitness goals
Real-Time Coaching
Identifies areas for improvement


Requires constant performance monitoring
May lack human empathy
Privacy concerns on personal data
Relies heavily on user data inputs
Possible lack of sport-specific training
May not consider external fitness context
Not explicitly for group training
No offline functionality mentioned
Possibly overwhelming for non-tech-savvy users


What is the main function of Impakt AI Coach?
How does Impakt AI Coach use AI for workout customization?
What is the process by which Impakt AI Coach adapts workout routines?
Can I use Impakt AI Coach on both iOS and Android?
Does Impakt AI Coach offer real-time workout adjustments?
How does Impakt AI Coach identify user's strengths and weaknesses?
Does Impakt AI Coach offer personalized fitness plans?
What makes Impakt AI Coach different from traditional workout plans?
In what ways does Impakt AI Coach provide workout recommendations during sessions?
How does the user-centric design of Impakt AI Coach foster motivation?
Does Impakt AI Coach require any special equipment to use?
Is there a way to track progress with Impakt AI Coach?
How is data-driven fitness achieved by using Impakt AI Coach?
How does Impakt AI Coach ensure that the workout routines are matched to my capabilities?
Can I set my own fitness goals on Impakt AI Coach?
Is there a social connect feature available on Impakt AI Coach?
How secure is my personal fitness information on Impakt AI Coach?
What kind of fitness analytics does Impakt AI Coach provide?
How can I download and install Impakt AI Coach?
Can I use Impakt AI Coach if I am a beginner in fitness?

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