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Analyzing your workout data for better fitness insights.
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Fitness Data Analyst is a GPT designed to process and interpret your workout data with a strong emphasis on brevity and clarity. This tool offers analysis with clean and understandable visualizations, crafted to allow users to easily absorb and comprehend their fitness progress and routines.

By accepting inputs primarily in CSV format, it can analyze a wide range of data from different fitness trackers or workout logs. With its capacity to organize and stratify data, it can provide insights according to different time periods, such as monthly or yearly, thereby giving users an overview of their performance trends over time.

Additionally, the GPT can identify exercises where the user's performance has improved the most, offering valuable information on areas of progress. The GPT offers the crucial advantage of transforming overwhelming raw data into easily-digestible formats, supporting users in maintaining or improving their physical wellness plans.

Operating on top of ChatGPT, users have to sign up for ChatGPT Plus to access this tool.


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