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Analyzed and reported business data.
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Compact Data Science is a tool that allows users to perform data science tasks in one click. It is designed to be user-friendly and requires no knowledge of data science to operate.

With the tool, users can choose from a variety of business cases across different industries, including manufacturing, retail, banking, agriculture, marketing, and sports training, and extract powerful information from the data to improve their business without the need for a data scientist.

For data analysts and scientists, Compact Data Science helps accelerate the tedious parts of their work, such as preprocessing data, by generating instant results.

Users can get personalized reports on their business case, containing relevant insights and recommendations calculated using machine learning algorithms.

The tool has a competitive advantage in its simplicity, personalization, and business focus, which enables users to make data-driven decisions instantly.

Compact Data Science is a powerful and intuitive tool that simplifies data science tasks and enables users to extract insights from their data. It allows users to improve the quality of products and services, optimize processes, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions that help grow their businesses.


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Compact Data Science was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
No data science knowledge required
Vast industry applications
Instant results
Personalized business reports
Machine learning generated insights
Simplifies data science tasks
Quality improvement aid
Process optimization
Cost reduction
Data-driven decisions
Labor time reduction
Interactive HTML reports
Automatic data cleaning
Auto modeling & graphics
Solution adaptation
Specific for business executives
Free exploration
One click operation
Accelerates preprocessing data
Fraud detection
Predictive maintenance
Customer profiling
Training optimization
Credit risk scoring
Customer retention
Cross-selling support
Stock optimization
Defects reduction
Players performance improvement
Executives empowerment
Relevant correlations
Business predictions
Recommendations generation
Data interpretation
Multiple business case solutions
Improves services
Optimized processes
Helps with business growth
Information extraction from data
Quick data analysis
Suits managers, owners, executives
Empowers data analysts
Instant decision making
Industry-specific use cases
Tedious task bypass
Training unnecessary


Limited preprocessing customization
Lacks advanced features
Relies heavily on templates
Impersonal customer support
Limited sector-specific models
No model performance evaluations
No collaborative features
Depends on quality of data
Unclear pricing model
No integration with other tools


What is Compact Data Science?
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What industries can use Compact Data Science?
How does Compact Data Science help to improve businesses?
How does Compact Data Science simplify tasks for data analysts and scientists?
What type of reports does Compact Data Science generate?
What machine learning algorithms are used by Compact Data Science?
Does Compact Data Science require manual preprocessing of data?
How user-friendly is Compact Data Science?
Can Compact Data Science help me optimize my business processes?
What competitive advantages does Compact Data Science offer?
What kind of business insights and recommendations can I get using Compact Data Science?
What specific tasks does Compact Data Science perform after loading a dataset?
Can Compact Data Science adapt to my specific business problem?
Do I have to adapt my problem to use Compact Data Science?
How do I start using Compact Data Science?
What does 'the power of Data Science in one click' mean in the context of Compact Data Science?
Can I use Compact Data Science for predictive maintenance in manufacturing?
Can Compact Data Science assist in customer profiling for marketing initiatives?

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