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Automated sales optimization for enterprises.
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Workorb AI is a tool that uses Graph Large Language Models (LLMs) to help understand and untangle complex relationships within enterprise organizations.

It aims to alleviate the challenges faced by customer-facing teams by automating repetitive tasks and improving sales, upselling, and service outcomes.The tool connects and analyzes internal and external conversations, such as emails, chat messages, files, and calls, to provide a comprehensive understanding of multi-year, multi-people B2B customer relationships.

It acts as a virtual employee that tracks and records every interaction, providing factual details and automating complex customer-related tasks.By leveraging the power of Graph LLMs, Workorb AI can connect the dots and follow the flow of conversations across various platforms, such as email and Slack, to identify patterns and relationships.

This enables the tool to streamline complex repetitive tasks and provide insights into long-running relationships.Workorb AI is founded by Nilesh Bansal and Nick Koudas, who have a strong background in machine learning and text mining, with a combined total of 200+ research publications and patents.

They have previously founded successful ventures, including Sysomos and Aislelabs, which served major enterprises with social media analytics powered by advanced machine learning.With its focus on solving the challenges of selling to and managing enterprise customers, Workorb AI provides a solution for customer-facing teams to gain a holistic understanding of their relationships and improve efficiency.


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