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Scale your editorial process and adapt to your audience.
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Storipress is a comprehensive content creation and management platform, designed to streamline the editorial process and engage the audience more effectively.

The platform features include a native Kanban interface, calendar views, a site builder, revenue-boosting integrations, and powerful SEO tools. Its advanced tracking algorithm, known as Prophet, generates accurate lead profiles based on a reader's scroll and click patterns, highlighting the pain points that engage them most.

Storipress offers a range of features designed to automate and improve the content creation process - a shared interface and content calendar for cohesive team management, an AI-powered guide for brand voice and compliance, and seamless integration with a vast range of tools that include CMS and social media platforms.

It also offers an integrated SEO helper to maximize the impact of your articles. Moreover, Storipress supports personalised, AI-powered sales emails based on profiles created by Prophet.

The platform is designed to benefit both product and marketing teams, and it connects with various platforms like Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, and more.

Storipress automatically syncs the content to your chosen site platform and shares it across social channels.


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Storipress was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 13th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Native Kanban interface
Calendar views
Revenue-boosting integrations
Powerful SEO tools
Advanced tracking algorithm
Accurate lead profiles
Shared interface and content calendar
Compliance automation
Vast range of third-party integrations
Integrated SEO helper
Serves both product and marketing teams
Syncs with site platforms
Automatic content sharing on social channels
Auto-profile creation
Automated content creation
Real-time workflow updates
Cohesive team management features
Audience adaptation capabilities
Automated brand voice and compliance
Webflow, WordPress, Shopify integration
Automated social media sharing
In-app Support Option
Content-specific SEO optimization
Customisable content workflow
Multiplayer editing feature
CRM lead syncing
Slack notifications integration
Zapier compatibility
Automated reader email collection
Secured server infrastructure
GraphQL API availability
User friendly interface
Content synchronization with CMS
Personalized outbound email automation
Audience engagement features
Historical content migration
Positive user reviews
Built-in site builder
Pain point highlighting
Extensive tool compatibility
Editorial automation
Adaptive content strategy
Content scaling features
Personalized outreach at scale
Prophet lead profiling
Digital marketing capabilities
Automated email capabilities


No offline access
Might overwhelm new users
Limited customization options
Specific to blog-focused enterprises
Potential privacy issues (Prophet)
No built-in chat support
No native mobile application
No multi-language support
Limited social media integrations


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