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Your personal online shopping assistant driving online sales.
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Smartsupp is an AI-enabled tool designed to function as an online shopping assistant, primarily aimed at driving online sales by fostering conversations.

It is designed with the objective of helping turn webshop visitors into loyal customers. Providing interactive features like live chat and chatbots, Smartsupp enables businesses to engage with their customers more effectively and efficiently.

The use of AI chatbots offers an additional layer of functionality to the platform, providing 24/7 customer service by answering common queries and providing information to users.

Notably, a key aspect of Smartsupp is its lead generation capacity, which it accomplishes through its interactive tools that engage with website visitors.

In this way, it supports businesses in capturing essential customer information, which can then be utilised to create more personalised and targeted marketing strategies.

However, it's important to note that Smartsupp also gives prime importance to data safety, providing cookies under control to ensure smooth running of the site while managing user consent and privacy.


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Smartsupp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Online shopping assistant
Drives online sales
Fosters webshop conversations
Transforms visitors to customers
Live chat feature
24/7 customer service
Lead generation capacity
Personalised marketing strategies
User consent management
Data safety priority
Interactive customer engagement
Privacy-conscious cookies
Collects essential customer information
Marketing strategy refinement
Retail technology integration
Built with e-commerce focus
User browsing security
Visitor behaviour analysis
Effective referral-fee structure
Efficient advertisement efforts
Cross-device user tracking
Optimize advertising relevance
Website visitor segmentation
Demographics and geographical location-based customization
Anonymous source analysis


Doesn't support multi-language
Relies heavily on cookies
No phone support
Requires constant internet connection
Lacks advanced analytics
Doesn't support multiple platforms
Data privacy concerns
Limited bot customization features
Restricted integrations
Limited to retail sector


What is the main function of Smartsupp?
How does Smartsupp utilize AI technology?
What features does Smartsupp have for customer engagement?
Can Smartsupp provide 24/7 customer service?
How does lead generation work with Smartsupp?
Does Smartsupp ensure data safety?
How does Smartsupp manage user consent and privacy?
Why is Smartsupp considered an interactive tool?
Can Smartsupp support personalized marketing strategies?
What does Smartsupp mean by 'online shopping assistant'?
Does Smartsupp have retail technology?
How does the live chat feature in Smartsupp work?
In what ways is Smartsupp beneficial for e-commerce?
What common queries can Smartsupp's AI chatbot answer?
Can Smartsupp capture essential customer information?
How does Smartsupp use cookies?
What kind of businesses can benefit from using Smartsupp?
How does Smartsupp help in driving online sales?
Can Smartsupp help turn webshop visitors into loyal customers?
Is Smartsupp suitable for use in multiple business sectors?

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