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Enhance shopping with intuitive conversations for revenue growth.
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Outfindo is an AI-driven tool that enhances the shopping experience on a website by guiding and assisting customers in product selection. Unlike traditional filter-based systems, Outfindo implements an intuitive, conversation-like approach to understand the customer's needs and suggests products accordingly, significantly improving website engagement.

The tool comprises two major features the Outfindo Product Guide and Outfindo Product Content. The former replicates the experience of a brick-and-mortar store by probing predefined customer-centric questions in a natural human-like conversation, whereas the latter standardizes product information, outlining key features with extended details to assist customers in their decision-making.

Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates real-time data directly from the manufacturers. The tool maintains its relevance across various products, making it product agnostic.

Outfindo also includes data analytics in its robust technology, scrutinizing digital footprints of customers to identify patterns and formulate optimized guidance paths for the buyer's journey.

This eliminates the need for manual data management and ensures up-to-date, enhanced product descriptions.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances shopping experience
Assists in product selection
Conversation-like approach
Improves website engagement
Customer-centric question feature
Standardizes product information
Outlines key product features
Real-time data integration
Manufacturer information integration
Product agnostic
Customer digital footprint analytics
Optimizes buyer's journey
Enhanced product descriptions
Eliminates manual data management
Supports revenue growth
Detailed product content
Proactive shopping assistant
Probing product guide
Effective customer engagement
Pattern identification in shopping
Instantly integrated data
Real-time data updates
Plug and play solution
Free trial available
Value-based pricing
Easy implementation
Optimized selection guide
Dynamic product data intelligence
Customizable questions
Efficient conversion rates
Increases customer inquiry
Supports informed buying decisions
Robust technology backend
Product data management relief
Revenue boosting capabilities
Extensive user testing
Smooth integration with website
Research driven guidance flow


Lack of multi-language support
Dependent on manufacturer's data
Potentially intrusive data analytics
Requires website coding knowledge
Limited customization options
No offline support
May slow down website
Limited to product-based businesses
No integration with social media
No mobile app support

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