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Your shopping Coach on Amazon - Shop smarter, faster, and cheaper.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Amazonian Coach, your AI shopping guide on Amazon.
Sample prompts:
Find me a durable hiking backpack
Compare coffee makers under $200
What's the best smartphone right now?
Identify this laptop from my uploaded photo
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Amazonian Coach is a GPT developed for shopping expeditions on Amazon. Its primary function is to streamline and enhance your online shopping experience, providing intelligent assistance to shop faster, smarter, and at potentially reduced costs.

Amazonian Coach, launched by, requires ChatGPT Plus for operation and is designed to act as a personal AI shopping guide, assisting users in streamlining their shopping decisions based on personalized inputs and preferences.

Key features of Amazonian Coach include, but are not restricted to, product search, comparison, and identification. As its unique functionalities, it offers features such as locating specific products on the platform like 'durable hiking backpacks', or conducting comparisons of specific items within a certain price range, such as 'coffee makers under $200', helping with an informed purchase decision.

Additionally, it also capably explores the latest trends, for instance, when asked about 'the best smartphone right now', it would provide a recommendation based on presently trending and highly-rated options.

Interestingly, Amazonian Coach can also recognize products from uploaded photos, therefore, identifying items such as laptops becomes far easier for users.

Amazonian Coach blends advanced AI capacities with the practical functionality of an online shopping guide, striving to make the consumer journey on Amazon more manageable, enjoyable, and cost-effective.


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Amazonian Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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