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eCommerce sales guidance via virtual assistant chatbot.
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ShoppingBotAI is an AI-powered chatbot builder specifically designed for eCommerce merchants. The tool enables users to quickly and effortlessly set up a chatbot that can guide shoppers through their purchasing decisions and boost sales.

The chatbots can be customized with tailored appearances and loaded with user's product catalogs, allowing it to learn quickly and answer product-related queries.

ShoppingBotAI states that its chatbots can communicate with shoppers in any language, making it a versatile tool for merchants looking to expand their customer base.

In addition, ShoppingBotAI assures its users that their data will be kept confidential and secured with strong security measures like encryption and firewalls.

The tool offers email support to its users, with a target response time of 48 business hours. New users can sign up for a free trial that doesn't require credit card information, and the subscription can be canceled at any time, free of charge.

ShoppingBotAI aims to be a user-friendly tool that helps merchants effortlessly improve their eCommerce game. Its chatbots are designed to be the number one AI chatbot assistant that guides shoppers and boosts sales.

With its intuitive setup process, tailored appearance, localized language capabilities, and personalized guidance, ShoppingBotAI has emerged as a valuable tool for eCommerce merchants looking to improve their customer service and increase sales.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbot appearance
Product catalogue integration
Multilingual support
Data security measures
Email customer support
Response time 48 business hours
Free trial available
No credit card required for trial
Subscription cancellation at any time
User-friendly tool
Sales boosting


No real-time chat support
No multi-channel support
Delayed customer support
Doesn't support voice interaction
No transparency about data handling
Limited to eCommerce sector
No disclosed integration capabilities
Restricted customization options


What is ShoppingBotAI?
How does ShoppingBotAI work?
What does ShoppingBotAI offer?
Can ShoppingBotAI create chatbots in multiple languages?
How to set up chatbots using ShoppingBotAI?
How can I integrate my product catalog in ShoppingBotAI?
How does ShoppingBotAI aid in boosting sales?
Is my data safe with ShoppingBotAI?
What measures does ShoppingBotAI take to ensure data security?
Does ShoppingBotAI provide customer support?
How quickly does ShoppingBotAI respond to queries?
What is the trial period offered by ShoppingBotAI?
What are the terms and conditions of the ShoppingBotAI trial period?
How can I cancel my subscription with ShoppingBotAI?
Are there any charges for canceling my subscription with ShoppingBotAI?
Is credit card information necessary for the trial period of ShoppingBotAI?
Can ShoppingBotAI chatbots handle and answer product-related queries?
How customizable are the ShoppingBotAI chatbots?
Is it possible to tailor the appearance of the ShoppingBotAI chatbots?
What is the process to register and start using ShoppingBotAI?

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