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Shop any look from a picture
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Disto is a Chrome extension designed to aid online shopping enthusiasts in locating and purchasing items from a look featured in a chosen picture. It facilitates a unique shopping experience, wherein users upload a photo encompassing an outfit or specific item they desire.

Disto's AI engine then analyses the image and identifies near identical items available for purchase. Furthermore, this tool offers the functionality to filter results based on variables such as preferred stores, budget, and sizes, essentially customizing the options according to individual preferences and requirements.

This enables users to not only find similar items but also ones that are within their purchasing power and available in their size from preferred stores.

As it integrates with the Chrome browser, it provides an accessible and seamless experience for users to shop any look from an image. The privacy policy asserts that data from users are not sold to third parties or used for unrelated purposes, emphasizing respect for user privacy.


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Disto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Image based shopping
Identifies near-identical items
Filters preferred stores
Budget-based filtering
Filters based on size
Customized shopping experience
Seamless browser integration
Respects user privacy
Does not sell data
Used for online shopping
Style identification & matching
Personalized retail experience
Well-structured privacy policy


Only available on Chrome
No mobile application
No multi-language support
Limited store integration
Filtering requires manual entry
Size restriction for images
Unknown result accuracy
Chrome Incognito/Guest mode limitation
Limited to fashion items
No user support mentioned


What is Disto?
How does Disto work?
How does Disto's AI engine analyze and identify items from uploaded photos?
Can I customize search results in Disto based on preferred stores, budget, and size?
Is Disto only available for use in Chrome browser?
How does Disto protect user privacy?
What kind of pictures can I upload in Disto?
How accurate is Disto in matching products from a picture?
Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload on Disto?
Does Disto work with all online stores or only with specific ones?
How does Disto handle product updates in stores?
Can I use Disto in my mobile's Chrome browser?
How do I install Disto in my Chrome browser?
Can I track the items I found on Disto?
Does Disto store my search history?
Is Disto available globally or only in specific countries?
Are there costs associated with using Disto?
How long does it take for Disto to find similar items from a picture?
Does Disto provide support or customer service?
What updates and improvements can I expect in the future for Disto?

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