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ByFour and Three - Design Studio Inc.
Upload a photo, we'll find where you can buy it online.
GPT welcome message: Upload a photo and I'll find similar items to shop for!
Sample prompts:
Find shoes like this picture.
What dress matches this photo?
Search for a lamp like this image.
Locate a rug that looks like this.
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Find & Shop Assistant is a GPT developed by Four and Three Design Studio Inc. Its primary functionality is in assisting users in online shopping by finding items similar to the ones users wish to have.

The GPT works by allowing users to upload a photo of any item they are interested in purchasing. The GPT then utilises its sophisticated algorithms and large database to find online platforms and stores where the same or very similar items are available for purchase.

This ensures that users can find exactly what they are looking for without the hassle of scouring the internet themselves. The Find & Shop Assistant GPT is especially beneficial for finding items that match specific visuals or styles.

Its potential uses range from locating specific shoes, matching a dress in a photo, searching for a particular type of lamp, or even finding a rug with a specific design, as suggested by the welcome message and prompt starters.

To use this tool, users need to sign in and it requires ChatGPT Plus for operations. The intent behind the Find & Shop Assistant GPT is to make online shopping more efficient by simplifying the search process through AI-driven results.


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