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ByJunjie Chi
Helps with price comparisons and coupon hunting
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Find the best price for
Is there a coupon for
Compare prices of
Find deals near you - please specify your location
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Coupon & Price Pro is a specialized GPT that aids users in making informed purchase decisions by providing price comparisons and identifying coupons or deals.

Utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT, it parses large amounts of price and product data to deliver efficient and accurate results. The core functionalities of this tool are focused on finding the best prices for products, locating available coupons, comparing the costs of different items, and identifying deals in specified locations.

To leverage this tool, the user can use prompt starters such as 'Find the best price for', 'Is there a coupon for', 'Compare prices of', and 'Find deals near you'.

It is important to note that location information needs to be specified by the user to extract localized deal information. Ideal for savvy shoppers and deal hunters, Coupon & Price Pro uses the underlying AI technology to streamline the bargain hunting process, thereby saving valuable time and effort for the user.


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