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Friendly and efficient shopping list assistant.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Prêt pour une liste de courses rapide?
Sample prompts:
Que puis-je ajouter à ma liste de courses?
Cette photo de mon frigo est-elle complète?
Des suggestions pour mon dîner de ce soir?
Comment optimiser l'espace de mon placard?
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Assistant Liste de Courses is a GPT developed with the aim of providing a friendly and efficient tool for creating and managing shopping lists. Functioning atop the ChatGPT platform, it offers a conversational interface to guide users through their shopping experience.

The tool's welcome message indicates its readiness to assist with quick shopping list preparation. It prompts dialogue by asking questions such as what can be added to the user's shopping list or suggestions for the user's dinner.

In addition to creating a shopping list, it has the ability to interpret images and shares insights such as completeness of your fridges items based on a provided photo.

Moreover, it can suggest ways to optimize pantry space. Its practical functionality paired with an intuitive, conversational interface makes it a useful tool for users seeking shopping assistance.

Its usage requires subscription to the ChatGPT Plus. Developed by, it is an AI-assisted tool intended to simplify and optimize everyday shopping tasks.


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