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Supercharge your customer shopping experience with Browsebuddy.
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Browsebuddy is an AI shopping assistant integrated with your Shopify eCommerce platform. By leveraging the power of AI, Browsebuddy aims to improve your customer's shopping experience by synergizing smart selling with instant support.

Browsebuddy is equipped to comprehend your store's catalog, enhancing shopping experiences, providing immediate assistance, and aiming to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Some of the features include an AI Chat Widget, allowing an engaging way for the assistant to suggest and sell products to customers in real-time. It also comes with an easily configurable AI Assistant through an Admin Panel, allowing for seamless setup and management.

The tool also offers a Dashboard that provides valuable customer insights & analytics, helping you understand your customers better. Built by AI Antics LDA, their focus is on driving e-commerce growth and reducing the need for customer support through AI.


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Pros and Cons


Shopify integration
Real-time product recommendation
Boosts sales
Elevates customer experience
Admin panel for easy management
Insightful customer analytics
Interactive shopping assistance
Smart selling feature
Reduces need for customer support
E-commerce growth focus
Understands store's catalog
Built for business use
Direct use in Shopify admin
Compatible with latest themes


Only on Shopify
Charges per GPT tokens
No languages other than English
No reviews
No clear SLA on support
No native mobile app
No multistore support
Not free to use
No advanced customization
No compatibility details stated


What is Browsebuddy?
How does Browsebuddy integrate with Shopify?
How does Browsebuddy improve the customer shopping experience?
What is the AI Chat Widget in Browsebuddy?
How does Browsebuddy suggest and sell products to customers in real-time?
How can I configure the AI Assistant in Browsebuddy?
What is the Admin Panel in Browsebuddy?
What customer insights can Browsebuddy provide through its Dashboard?
How can Browsebuddy help reduce the need for customer support?
How does Browsebuddy work with my store's catalog?
How does Browsebuddy enhance the shopping experiences for my customers?
How does Browsebuddy provide instant support to customers?
How does Browsebuddy help boost sales and customer satisfaction?
Can Browsebuddy be customized according to my store's needs?
What kind of analytics can Browsebuddy provide?
What is the company behind Browsebuddy, AI Antics LDA?
What smart selling features does Browsebuddy offer?
How can I install and set up Browsebuddy for my Shopify store?
How does Browsebuddy handle real-time product recommendations?
What is the effective cost of using Browsebuddy per customer interaction?

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