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BySreejith Ramakrishnan
Your guide to quick, tailored product insights.
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Hi. Help me find a product
I want to get a headphone. Noise cancelling and reasonably priced
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Shoppal is a GPT engineered to facilitate smart, personalized product insights. As an extension of ChatGPT, it is designed to aid users in their quest to find the perfect product.

Its core functionality lies in its capacity to understand user input and requirements, following which it guides users towards products that align closely with their needs.

The process is initiated by the user, who is encouraged to provide specific details such as product type, essential features, and a preferred price range.

For instance, a user may request help in finding noise-cancelling headphones within a reasonable price range. Shoppal processes this information and returns tailored product suggestions that fit the given criteria.

It should be noted, however, that Shoppal requires ChatGPT Plus to function. In sum, Shoppal is a handy shopping companion that delivers targeted product insights efficiently and effectively, all intended to influence and simplify a user's purchasing decision based on their unique needs.


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