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Suggest products, reduce drop-offs & boost eCommerce.
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Manifest AI is an AI-powered shopping assistant designed for eCommerce brands that guide buyers throughout their pre-purchase journeys. The tool reduces customer drop-offs by 40% by providing extended prompts on the website when customers are about to leave.

It helps increase conversions by 10% by recommending products based on buyers’ queries and presenting relevant products, hence reducing buying time by 50% as buyers get everything they need in a text format, including information about features, benefits, and details about each product.

The tool uses natural language processing techniques to interpret the intent of buyers' search queries and provides the most relevant products that fit their requirements, in order to avoid choice overload.

The AI prompts are tailored to buyers' browsing behavior, which improves customer engagement and drives conversations. Manifest AI can also help buyers get information about store policies, delivery times, returns, and refunds.

The AI tool supports multiple languages, making it accessible to multilingual audiences worldwide, including Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Store managers can customize their shopping assistant based on their store's personality using their dashboard. The tool is powered by GPT-3.5 and they use contextual suggests questions and product recommendations to aid shoppers.

Installing the app is easy, and once done the AI tool is automatically trained on data such as product information, collections, policy pages, and articles from the store.


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Aug 23, 2023
The best free tool! I have alomost 2x'd my abandoned carts on my shopify store.
Jun 17, 2023
Manifest AI has unbelievable features! Best choice for eCommerce brands

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Pros and Cons


Reduces customer drop-offs by 40%
Increases conversions by 10%
Reduces buying time by 50%
Supports multiple languages
Customizable shopping assistant
Easy installation process
Automatically trained on store data
Provides store policies information
Powered by GPT-3.5
Uses contextual product recommendations
Helps avoid choice overload
Tailors prompts to buyer's behavior
Assists in pre-purchase journeys
Optimized for Shopify stores
NLP for buyer intent interpretation
Helps compare multiple products
Offers information on delivery times, refunds


Only supports Shopify
Recommendations limited to 5
Susceptible to query misunderstanding
Dependent on good product data
Customization restricted to dashboard
No voice interaction capabilities
Can't process visual queries
Support doesn't cover all languages


What is the purpose of Manifest AI?
How does Manifest AI reduce customer drop-offs?
What methods does Manifest AI use to recommend products?
How does Manifest AI interpret buyers' search queries?
How do the AI prompts tailor to buyers' browsing behavior?
Can Manifest AI provide information on store policies and delivery times?
Which languages does Manifest AI support?
Is it possible to customize the shopping assistant using the dashboard?
Does Manifest AI use GPT-3.5?
What type of data is used to train the AI tool?
How easy is it to install Manifest AI?
How does Manifest AI increase conversions?
How can Manifest AI help reduce buying time?
Can Manifest AI help with customer choice overload?
How does Manifest AI improve customer engagement?
Can Manifest AI help potential buyers find relevant products faster?
How can Manifest AI drive conversations?
Can Manifest AI provide information about specific products?
How can Manifest AI assist buyers throughout their pre-purchase journeys?
Does Manifest AI support multilingual audiences worldwide?

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