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Product advice and purchase recommendations.
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Claros is an AI tool that helps users make informed purchasing decisions by providing expert advice on products. Using natural language query, users can describe the product they are looking to buy, and Claros generates tailored recommendations based on product features, user preferences, and other criteria.

The tool specializes in a wide range of products, including snowboards, guitars, and laptops, among others. Claros also offers a ChatMessage feature for users seeking more personalized assistance, which connects them to a real person through Discord.

One of Claros' strengths is its integration with Amazon Affiliate links, which allows users to purchase recommended products directly through Amazon. It is worth noting that Claros' recommendations are not based on sponsored products, but rather on objective criteria such as product reviews, features, and specifications.

Overall, Claros is a useful AI tool for individuals seeking to make informed purchasing decisions across different product categories. Its natural language query functionality and personalized support through ChatMessage make it a user-friendly and accessible tool for consumers of all levels of expertise.


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Jun 19, 2023
Very Practical, Authentic

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Pros and Cons


Natural language query feature
Personalized product recommendations
Wide range of products
ChatMessage feature for personalization
Integration with Amazon Affiliate
Objective criteria for recommendations
Access to expert advice
Discord support
Not sponsored product focused
Useful for different expertise levels


Limited to Amazon products
Relies on third-party communication(Discord)
May misinterpret natural language queries
Potential bias towards Amazon Affiliate
Doesn’t support real-time assistance
Specialization in certain products only
No mobile application support
Lacks in-depth product comparison


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Can I use Claros even if I'm not an expert in the product I want to buy?
Does Claros require any tech-savviness to use?
How to start with Claros?
What platforms does Claros support?
Does using Claros cost anything?
Is Claros available globally or only in certain regions?
What's the advantage of using Claros compared to reading traditional product reviews?
How reliable are Claros's product recommendations?

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