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Fashion ecommerce visual search solution
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Lykdat is an AI-powered tool that offers advanced image and text search solutions for ecommerce businesses. It simplifies product search and recommendation processes, allowing businesses to create personalized shopping experiences for their customers.

With Lykdat, fashion businesses can benefit from powerful search features that help customers find what they are looking for, even when they don't have the right words to describe it.

The tool utilizes AI visual discovery to drive business engagement and sales by providing intuitive and contextual search results. Lykdat's visual AI technology analyzes and discovers similar fashion items in a business's catalogs, providing personalized recommendations to shoppers.

It also enables businesses to inspire customers to complete their look by considering style and stock availability. Additionally, Lykdat's AI auto-tagging feature attributes keywords to images, creating a database of well-described products and making search seamless for shoppers.

This tool bridges the gap between fashion retailers and ecommerce businesses, offering customer-focused solutions and seamless integration using advanced visual artificial intelligence.

Lykdat is trusted by industry-leading companies and offers a range of benefits to fashion retailers and businesses, including customer retention, increased efficiency, cost reduction, more conversions, better user experience, and business growth.

The tool also provides seamless integrations with ecommerce stores, enhancing the shopping experience with powerful image search capabilities. Overall, Lykdat helps optimize and transform fashion businesses by delivering personalized service, increasing sales revenue, and improving operational efficiency.


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