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Search, save, and buy products from multiple e-commerce stores.
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Agora is an e-commerce search engine that allows users to access millions of products across various online stores in one consolidated platform. It equips users with the capability to locate, save, share, and purchase their favorite products with ease.

The tool features 'Athena', an AI-powered assistant designed to help users find products using detailed descriptions provided by the users. Additionally, Agora showcases a collection of the most popular products based on community preferences, which serves as a guide for users to discover trending items.

Agoras functionalities extend to merchants as well, enabling them to become part of the platform. The tool also has an affiliate program and a developer API which further enhances its capabilities and reach.

Furthermore, Agora provides a variety of organizational features such as popular searches, popular products, popular stores, and popular brands. These features assist users in navigating the wide array of products and stores on the platform.

This tool is designed for a global audience as it offers an option to select the country for personalized product searches.


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Agora was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Multi-store integration
Product discovery feature
Community-inspired popular products
Affiliate marketing opportunity
Open Developer API
Detailed product comparison
Features global marketplace
Country-specific product search
Supports multi-vendor platform
Emphasis on popular searches
Highlighting popular brands
Showcasing popular stores
Promotes trending items
User personalization option
Organizational search features
User to merchant pathway
Integration of social media
Merchant participation enabled
Documented API for developers


No price comparison feature
No in-app purchases
No personalized recommendations
No native mobile application
Potential data privacy issues
Dependent on third-party stores
No multi-language support
User interface can be complex
Limited merchant integration


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Can I use Agora to discover trending items based on community preferences?
How does Agora's multi-store integration work?
Who can benefit from Agora's affiliate program?
What functionalities does the Agora platform provide to merchants?
What is Agora's developer API and how does it enhance its capabilities?
Can I use Agora for personalized product searches from different countries?
What is the purpose of Agora's popular stores, searches, and brands features?
How can I become a merchant on Agora?
What are the benefits of Agora's product comparison feature?
How does Agora use user personalization to enhance its services?
What is the role of the Agora's 'store crawler' feature?
What does the Affiliate Program on Agora entail?
How does Agora aim to cater to a global audience?
What organizational features does Agora provide to users?
How does Athena use detailed descriptions provided by users to find products?

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