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Innosearch AI is a shopping assistant that leverages generative AI to understand user needs through natural language. We provide real-time product recommendations based on e-commerce data and integrate expert insights for trusted guidance.

This empowers informed purchasing decisions and streamlines the e-commerce experience.


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Mar 5, 2024
I was able to find an espresso machine with a simple conversation!

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InnoSearch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Quick product search
Chat-guarded search
Broad product category coverage
Themed product suggestions
Contextual curation
Holiday shopping focus
User-friendly interface
Dynamic display of products
Recommendation engine
Handles seasonal trends
Durable travel bags suggestions
Elegant jewelry suggestions
Fitness wearables search
Gourmet cooking ingredients search
Smart home devices search
Vacuum cleaner brands search
Sustainable shopping assistant


Limited to one eCommerce platform
Chat-guarded search only
Seasonal product focus may be limiting
Not suitable for non-seasonal shopping
Restricted product categories
Themed suggestions may not be relevant
Dependent on popular demands
Limited exploration options
Chat interface may not be efficient
Dynamic display may be overwhelming


What is InnoSearch?
How does InnoSearch work?
What platforms does InnoSearch support?
Can InnoSearch help me find specific brands of vacuum cleaners?
Does InnoSearch only work for product searches or can it work on other types of searches too?
What does the 'YOU SHOP, WE CARE' of InnoSearch mean?
What are some examples of the themed suggestions provided by InnoSearch?
How does InnoSearch determine which products to suggest for a certain season or occasion?
How user-friendly is InnoSearch?
Can I use InnoSearch to find gourmet cooking ingredients?
How can I start a chat-guided search with InnoSearch?
How does the AI of InnoSearch assist with e-commerce shopping?
Does InnoSearch only show products that are in popular demand?
Can I use InnoSearch to explore different product categories?
Does InnoSearch update its product suggestions according to the ongoing festive season?
Does InnoSearch have a recommendation engine?
Can I use InnoSearch to find sustainable products?
Can InnoSearch assist me in finding products for different occasions like St. Patrick's Day, Women's Day, and Spring Break?
How does InnoSearch enhance the online shopping experience?
Do I need to contact someone to use InnoSearch or can I use it independently?

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