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Pricein is a browser extension that helps users find products at a lower price. By utilizing advanced AI technology, Pricein compares products online and identifies the most similar ones to the product you want to buy.

It searches the entire web so that you don't have to. With Pricein, you can find products using only an image. Simply right-click on an image of a desired product, select "Find Product," and Pricein's AI technology will locate similar items for you.

The browser extension is user-friendly and can be attached to your browser. When you visit a product page, a small icon will appear. With just two clicks, you can use the extension to find the same product for a lower price.

Pricein's AI technology analyzes both product images and titles to guide you to the perfect product on any website. By identifying items that match in appearance and function, it helps you make informed purchasing decisions.

Using Pricein can result in savings of an average of 20% or more on purchases. The tool also helps fight against copycats and dropshippers by locating budget-friendly options, including direct-from-manufacturer choices.

Pricein is available for use in all countries, and the basic usage is free of charge. Its goal is to provide users with an efficient and reliable way to find products at the best possible prices.


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