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Facilitates searchless product discovery for shoppers.
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The Wordless Search tool is an AI technology that revolutionizes ecommerce by enabling shoppers to discover products without the need for traditional keyword search.

Instead, the tool analyzes shoppers' browsing behavior and recognizes their buying intent, allowing it to surface highly relevant products that align with their preferences and style.

This technology eliminates the need for shoppers to input specific search terms, giving them the impression that their thoughts are being read.By leveraging Wordless Search, online retailers can ensure that their customers are presented with products that resonate with them from the moment they open the online store.

This tool provides a next-generation shopping experience that exceeds shoppers' expectations and increases the chances of conversion.The integration process for Wordless Search is hassle-free and can be completed in just two steps.

Retailers need to embed a lightweight JavaScript code into their website to enrich their existing text and visual search capabilities. This integration enables customers to experience the new way of shopping within days, not months.Wordless Search is particularly beneficial for visually complex items such as fashion, clothes, footwear, furniture, art, and decor.

By leveraging AI to understand shoppers' preferences and style, retailers can provide a personalized and intuitive shopping experience, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.Overall, Wordless Search is a cutting-edge solution that transforms the future of ecommerce, putting the right products in front of the right shoppers and providing a superior online shopping experience.


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Pros and Cons


Hassle-free two-step integration
Analyzes browsing behavior
Offers personalized shopping experiences
Suitable for visually complex items
Increased engagement and conversion rates
Rapid deployment
No need for specific search terms
Recognizes buyers' intent
Quick product discovery
Surfaces relevant products
Lightweight JavaScript integration
Aligns with customer preferences
Supports various industries
Improves visibility of products
Integrates with existing search functionality
Optimizes online store utility
Increases product reach
Matches customers with right products
Transforms ecommerce experience
Ideal for fashion, decor, etc.


Limited to shopping industry
Only for visually complex items
Not suitable for all products
Requires JavaScript code integration
Dependent on customers' browsing behavior
No mentioned API support
Privacy concerns with browsing analysis
May not suit all styles
Reliant on website updating
Limited industry application


What is Wordless Search and how does it enhance ecommerce?
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How does Wordless Search work to understand a shopper's preferences?
Is there any special hardware or software requirements to run Wordless Search?
How does Wordless Search contribute to higher engagement and conversion rates?
What sets Miros' Wordless Search apart from traditional search methods in ecommerce?
How does Wordless Search interpret browsing behavior to predict buying intent?
Are there any limitations or requirements for the site to integrate with Miros' Wordless Search?
How does Wordless Search help retailers put the right products in front of the right shoppers?
Does Wordless Search work with all ecommerce platforms?
Can existing search features be enriched with Wordless Search?
How does Wordless Search contribute to enhancing shoppers' online experience?
How long does the integration process for Wordless Search typically take?
What kind of results can I expect from implementing Wordless Search in my online store?
How can Miros' Wordless Search help businesses increase their sales?
Does Wordless Search work effectively for all product types?
Is there a way to track the performance of Wordless Search on my website?
What are the steps to connect Miros' Wordless Search with my online store?
What makes Wordless Search the future of ecommerce?


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