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Capture a lifetime of stories in a keepsake book.
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Kindred Tales is a digital service that utilizes AI-assisted technologies to help users capture their personal life stories, eventually forging them into a beautiful keepsake book.

The platform sends weekly prompts, representig inspirational questions, to users to facilitate easier story recording. Users have access to myriad writing methods that they can utilize to author their life stories.

With the 'Classic Composer', one can write and add photos using the platform's editor. The 'Email' feature allows users to reply to their weekly email, eliminating the need to log in.

The 'Biographer' serves those facing writer's block, as it interviews users and writes the first draft on their behalf. The 'Transcription' feature lets users record their stories on any device, subsequently transcribing them through AI.

Thus, the tool's AI capabilities extend to both speech-to-text transcription service and authoring aid, easing the often overwhelming process of writing.

After a year, the collection of stories is published into a physical hardcover book. Kindred Tales aims to make memory preservation through interactive storytelling effortless and enjoyable, fostering deeper personal connections.


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Pros and Cons


Weekly prompts system
Multiple writing methods
'Classic Composer' for writing
'Email' feature for convenience
'Biographer' for drafting stories
'Transcription' feature across devices
Output: physical hardcover book
Captures lifetime of stories
Interactive storytelling focus
Ability to add photos
Overcomes writer's block
Relieves from aggressive typing
Preserves memories digitally
Record stories with any device
Curated topics feature
Share stories online
Full access to question library
User-friendly authoring
Subscription for regular prompts
Provides durable hardcover book
Premium paper for durability
Personalized topic creation
Invite family to contribute
Comfortable pace setting
Personalized Hardcover Keepsake


No multi-language support
One year to publish
No mobile app
Limited image upload
Limited transcription hours
Only hardcover book format
No real-time collaboration


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