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FoxyApps is a no-code app builder that enables prompt writers to create AI-powered applications with simple ChatGPT technology. By using the builder's intuitive interface, prompt writers can design their own prompt, create a form with inputs and outputs, as well as customize app category and description.

The app builder is suitable for prompt writers of all backgrounds and enables them to build revenue-generating applications without the need for code.

Prominent Use cases of the builder include developers, marketing agencies, SEO experts, business consultants, content marketers, and sales strategists.

The builder is also affordable and offers reasonable pricing plans for prompt writers.FoxyApps's app portfolio includes apps that perform simple tasks, optimize procedures and save time.

Users can generate topics for blog posts, summaries of favorite books, and even jokes or insults. These apps can be shared with the community and monetized for revenue purposes.FoxyApps empowers prompt writers to create a new generation of AI-powered applications that integrate with ChatGPT.

The app builder provides a solution for monetizing app creations without a need for code, making it ideal for prompt writers of all levels.


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Nov 29, 2023
The accessibility of this platform is truly remarkable. It demystified the complexities of Coding. Such a Fantastic platform that breaks down barriers.Excited to continue exploring and creating with this empowering tool!
Apr 27, 2023
Awesome AI apps for converting website visitors to leads.

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Pros and Cons


No-code app builder
Enables revenue generation
Usable for all backgrounds
Intuitive builder interface
Customizable app category & description
Shareable apps
Monetization without coding
Used by diverse professions
Reasonable pricing plans
Apps optimize procedures
Time saving apps
Integrates with ChatGPT
Create form with inputs & outputs
App publishing on marketplace
Revenue shared with creators
Customization options
Easy-to-use interface
Design data output
App URL customization
Community app review
Testimonial display feature
Applications perform simple tasks
Applications optimize processes
No specialist knowledge required
Add app icon
Change button text
Embeddable apps
App portfolio
Prompt writing support
Integration with marketing, SEO, sales strategies
Supports content marketing and business consulting
Suitable for developers
Marketplace for apps
App approval process
Helps optimize repeatable tasks
Application customization possible
Removes need for code knowledge
Great for prompt writers
Generate topics for blog posts
Summarize books
Create jokes or insults
Availability of hundreds of apps
Applications for simple tasks
App recommendation feature
Unique app creation steps
Wide range of use-cases
Creator monetization options
Community building capability


No-code nature limits customization
Dependent on ChatGPT technology
Revenue depends on app usage
Limited app categories
Must wait for app approval
No explicit data privacy mention
Limited to certain user groups
Unclear technical support options


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How can FoxyApps benefit SEO experts?
How can FoxyApps assist content marketers?
Which professions or industries typically use FoxyApps?
How does FoxyApps support developers?
Does FoxyApps have a user community where I can share and discuss my apps?
What are the pricing plans for FoxyApps?
How can FoxyApps optimize my business procedures?
What customization options does FoxyApps provide?
How can I publish my app on FoxyApps?
How does FoxyApps integrate with ChatGPT?
Can I try FoxyApps for free before buying a plan?

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