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Mobile image customization with templates and effects.
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ProPix: AI Profile App is an innovative tool that allows users to create stunning profile photos with ease. Utilizing AI technology, the app offers a wide range of templates and effects to choose from, allowing users to customize their profile photos to their unique tastes.

The app processes the edits on the device itself, providing a privacy-safe experience. Moreover, the app is ad-free with a small Pro version price to unlock all the effects.

The templates are regularly updated, so users can stay ahead of the game with their profile photos. Other features include the ability to surprise friends with a new profile photo every week, #ProfileProfile hashtag for social media, and in-app purchases.


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ProPix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Mobile image customization
Wide range of templates
Wide range of effects
Edits on the device
Privacy-safe experience
Affordable Pro version
Regularly updated templates
New profile photo weekly
#ProfileProfile hashtag
In-app purchases
Customizable profile photos
Available for all iOS devices
Good customer ratings
No data collection
In-app bug fixes
Trendy and stylish designs
Surprise friends feature
Broad captions compatibility
Profile photo enhancement
Data processed on device
Ever updating templates
Unique trendy designs
User-friendly interface
Option to unlock effects
Easy one-tap edits
Regular version updates
Compatible with Macs with M1 chip
Free basic version
Supports all modern iOS versions
Social media features
No cloud computing
Helps create presence on social media
Ensures high user privacy
Frequent addition of new effects
Have hashtag for social media
Advanced image processing
Minimalist design
Multilingual support
Capability to create Photoshop level edits
Ease of changing profile photos
Availability in the App Store
Data protection ensured
Subscription options for premium features
Tools for precise photo editing
User feedback consideration
Clear privacy policy
User engagement encouragement
Profile picture game changer
Social networking app
Offers in-app support


In-app purchases
Not free
Limited templates
Requires iOS 14.0 or later
Limited to device processing
Pro version necessary for all effects
Requires Apple M1 chip for Mac
No API indicated
No Android compatibility


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How does ProPix work on my iPhone or iPad?
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How is the processing for effects done within the app?
What kind of templates were added for Christmas and New Year?
Does ProPix app use cloud processing?
What is the Pro version price to unlock all effects?
Can I change my profile photo every week using ProPix?
How can I download ProPix: AI Profile App?
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What are the ProPix ratings and reviews like?
What subscription options does ProPix offer?
What IOS version is required to use the ProPix app?

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