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AIer is a service that allows users to create, train, and interact with AI digital avatars. These avatars provide assistance and companionship to users, offering expert advice and human-like interactions.

The service is accessible anytime and anywhere, with support available 24/7, disregarding time zones or schedule constraints.One of the key features of AIer is the ability to collect and integrate data rapidly.

Users can import data through various methods such as bulk import, daily writing, and API integration, enabling the AI avatars to have access to more information and knowledge.

The avatars are specifically trained with personalized data, ensuring a personalized and authentic experience for the users.The AI avatars interact with users like real people, displaying emotions, style, and humor.

This human-like interaction aims to create personalized experiences that make users forget they are interacting with a machine.AIer also offers public avatars that users can interact with, including celebrities, consultants, and friends.

These avatars are available at any time, providing users with the opportunity to engage in conversations with a diverse range of personalities.The service can be accessed on both mobile and PC devices, making it convenient for users to connect with experts and companions regardless of their location or background.Overall, AIer provides a platform for users to create, train, and interact with AI digital avatars, offering personalized and intelligent assistance and companionship.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized avatars
24/7 availability
Real-time assistance
Expert advice
Collect data rapidly
Various data import methods
API integration
Personalized data training
Authentic user experience
Public avatars available
Interact with a range of personalities
Accessible on mobile and PC
Chat with celebrities
Global user community
Opportunity for authentic companionship
Automatically integrated data
Comes with emotions, style, and humor
Free version available
Plus version for extensive features
Affordable pricing
Unlimited avatars in plus
Unlimited messages in plus
Unlimited memos in plus
Pro API for integration
Faster response speed in plus


Limited to 3 avatars free
1000 messages/memos limit free
Limited access in high demand
Slow response speed free
No Pro API for free
Limited functionalities for free


What is
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What are the main features offered by
How can a user train their AI digital avatars on
Is accessible on PC and mobile?
What are public avatars on
What sort of personalities can users interact with on
Can provide assistance 24/7?
In what ways can users import their data into
In what ways does ensure a personalized and authentic experience?
What exactly are 'human-like interactions' on
How can the AI avatars on provide expert advice and companionship?
Are there any location or schedule constraints to access
How do avatars access and use user's data?
What are the options of's pricing plans?
How can one get started on
What is the process to access expert advice on
What are the benefits of the Plus plan over the Free plan on
Can users request a refund if they aren't satisfied with's service?
Does provide any API for integration?

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