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Chat for analyzing and discussing images.
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LensQuery is a model-agnostic AI chat application that allows users to unlock the power of modern AI models. With this tool, users can choose their preferred AI model and engage in interactive experiences.

LensQuery offers instant image analysis, where users can snap a picture of text or equations, and advanced algorithms quickly analyze the content to provide insights.

Additionally, users can have engaging AI conversations through a state-of-the-art chat interface, enabling them to ask questions, seek clarifications, and explore topics further.LensQuery prioritizes user privacy with its privacy-centric design.

Stringent data protection measures are in place to ensure that snaps and queries remain confidential. Users also have the option to use their own API key, which is stored locally on their device.For additional help, LensQuery provides a FAQ section covering common questions and issues.

Users can find information about the tool, its key features, special offers for new users, and how to provide feedback or suggestions.Unleash curiosity with LensQuery and discover more about the world around you by snapping photos and tapping into its AI capabilities.

This tool offers a convenient and intuitive way to interact with AI models, making it suitable for various use cases.

LensQuery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant image analysis
Privacy-centric design
Use your own API key
FAQ section available
Supports user-suggested features
Special offers for new users
Local storage of API keys
Stringent data protection
State-of-the-art chat interface
Feedback and suggestions support
Advanced algorithms for analysis
Designed for various use cases
Optimized for curiosity exploration
Suitable for text or equations
Seek clarifications interaction


Lacks specific model selection
Possibly slow image analysis
No multi-language support
No offline capabilities
Limited to text, equations
FAQ section not comprehensive
User API key necessity
No explicit real-time support
Dependent on device storage
No mentioned scalability options


What is LensQuery?
How can I choose my preferred AI model with LensQuery?
What is instant image analysis feature of LensQuery?
How does LensQuery's chat interface work?
How does LensQuery prioritize user privacy?
Can I use my own API key with LensQuery?
How is my API key stored in LensQuery?
What help does LensQuery FAQ section provide?
Does LensQuery have any special offers for new users?
How can I provide feedback or suggestions to LensQuery?
Is LensQuery suitable for specific use cases or is it versatile?
Can LensQuery analyze mathematical equations from snaps?
How can I engage further with the topic through LensQuery?
What data protection measures does LensQuery have?
Can LensQuery be used in dark mode?
Where can I download the LensQuery app?
What benefits does LensQuery provide over other AI chat applications?
How is LensQuery a model-agnostic application?
Can I suggest new features for LensQuery?
What is the contact support process if I need assistance with LensQuery?

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