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Provides relevant answers via chat to varied queries.
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Shako is an AI-powered tool that allows users to ask any questions they have on their mind. It is a conversation-based platform that can respond to numerous queries, from technical programming questions to silly jokes.

The tool has the ability to provide a wide range of responses, from succinct answers to detailed explanations. One key feature of Shako is its natural language processing (NLP) capability, which enables it to understand different variations of questions and provide relevant answers.

This means users can ask questions in their own words, without needing to use specific keywords or phrases. Shako is a versatile tool that allows users to engage with it in various ways.

It can provide creative activities such as asking users to write a rap song, or it can assist with technical tasks such as writing code or creating a GitHub PR template.

Overall, Shako is a useful tool for anyone who needs quick answers or assistance with particular tasks. Its ability to provide rapid responses and its natural language processing capabilities make it a valuable asset in a variety of contexts.

Shako was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 24th 2023.
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Oct 13, 2023
I love shako for its intelligence!
Jun 28, 2023
Shako seems easy to use. If you use specific clear structure in your 'prompts' Shako usually does the job. I have found that it will not give any result longer than about 5 paragraphs, and if you want it to calculate you have to not use certain terms related to yourself. best results are when you speak hypothetically. I rate 4.5 for beginner user friendly. I found Shako from a youtube video that recommended 'promptvibes' then promptvibes introduced me to Shako. ---Hope my review helped someone.
Jun 4, 2023
Doing great But need to rearrange other languages

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Pros and Cons


Provides relevant answers
Wide response range
Advanced NLP capabilities
Handles varied questions
Not keyword-dependent
Versatile engagement methods
Assists with creative activities
Assists with technical tasks
Quick response times
Can create GitHub templates
Assists with coding tasks
Understands natural language
Can generate song lyrics
Can share recipes
Can share jokes


Limited to text-based interaction
No multi-language support
No offline use
Cannot handle complex queries
Depends on internet connection
Lacks voice recognition
Lacks personalized user profiling
No live-chat support
Inefficient for real-time collaboration
No mobile app version


What is Shako?
How does Shako work?
What kind of questions can I ask Shako?
Does Shako support natural language processing?
In what ways can I engage with Shako?
Can Shako assist with technical tasks?
Can Shako provide creative activities?
How detailed can Shako's responses be?
What makes Shako a valuable asset?
How fast can Shako provide responses?
Can I ask Shako for fun activities like writing a rap song?
Does Shako have the ability to understand different variations of questions?
Can I ask questions in my own words to Shako?
Can Shako help me with coding tasks?
Can I use Shako to create a GitHub PR template?
Is Shako suitable for non-technical questions as well?
What makes Shako different from other AI-powered chatbots?
Does Shako offer rapid responses for varied queries?
How does Shako's NLP capability improve user interactions?
How does Shako ensure relevance in its response to user queries?

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