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Efficient search and chat for knowledge management
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Khoj is an AI personal assistant that serves as a desktop application for searching and interacting with your personal notes, documents, and images. It is an open-source tool with code available on GitHub.

Khoj is designed to be compatible with various platforms including Emacs, Obsidian, and web browsers. It supports different file formats such as jpeg, markdown, notion, org-mode, pdf files, and GitHub repositories.The primary function of Khoj is to enable users to search and chat with their data sources efficiently.

It utilizes semantic search and offers lightning-fast search results as you type. Khoj's AI models allow natural language search, offering results based on similar terms rather than exact matches.

Importantly, Khoj works offline, ensuring data privacy and independence from internet connectivity when self-hosted.The tool aims to provide a transparent and customizable personal assistant experience.

By learning from user's notes and documents, Khoj aims to become an extension of the user's brain, assisting in faster and better decision-making. It can be self-hosted on personal machines, allowing users to retain control over their data.Khoj offers chat capabilities that facilitate natural, multi-turn conversations for creating, reasoning, and building upon existing knowledge.

Additionally, Khoj supports plugin integrations, with first-party plugins available for Emacs and Obsidian. Its interface is accessible both through browsers and an API.Khoj is actively developing a cloud-hosted version for individuals seeking an always-available assistant without the hassle of self-hosting.

User feedback is encouraged through the Khoj Discord community, where users can voice opinions and suggest prioritized features.

Khoj was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Compatible with multiple platforms
Semantic search
Lightning-fast search results
Supports natural language search
Offline functionality
Data privacy
Customizable experience
Learn from user's notes and documents
Facilitates natural, multi turn conversations
Supports plugin integrations
Accessible via API
Cloud-hosted version under development
Active user community on Discord
Supports variety of file formats
Transparent personal assistant experience
Search results based on similar terms
First-party plugins for Emacs and Obsidian


Requires JavaScript
Limited plugin options
Poor video support
Limited file format compatibility
Reliant on Discord feedback
Working offline limits features
Local setup can be complex
Limited accessibility without setup
Cloud version still in development
Limited customization


What is Khoj?
Is Khoj an open-source tool?
What platforms is Khoj compatible with?
What file formats does Khoj support?
How does Khoj's semantic search work?
Can Khoj operate offline?
What does it mean that Khoj can be self-hosted?
How does Khoj learn from users' notes and documents?
What chat capabilities does Khoj offer?
Can Khoj be integrated with plugins?
Is Khoj accessible through an API?
What is the Khoj cloud-hosted version?
How can users provide feedback on Khoj?
Does Khoj work with Emacs and Obsidian?
How does Khoj handle data privacy?
What kind of assistance does Khoj offer for better decision-making?
How does Khoj support multi-turn conversations?
Is Khoj capable of natural language search?
Can Khoj support image data?
What is coming up in the future for Khoj?

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