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AI that won't search the web unless directed.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm here to help without using the web, unless you ask me to!
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No WebGPT is a GPT developed for utilization with ChatGPT. Its unique attribute lies in intentionally not attempting to leverage the web to look up events, unless it is specifically directed to do so by the user.

This feature can enhance privacy for users who might be concerned with their queries being linked to internet searches. Instead, No WebGPT relies on the programmed knowledge base and sophisticated algorithms to generate its responses.

However, when the situation calls for it, and the user explicitly asks, No WebGPT can perform online searches to retrieve the necessary information. This flexibility allows No WebGPT to provide the most accurate and relevant feedback possible without compromising on user preferences or privacy requirements.

Sign-up functionality is available for users who wish to engage with the tool, though it's necessary to have ChatGPT Plus to use it. This tool greets users with the message, 'Hi, I'm here to help without using the web, unless you ask me to!' thereby reinforcing its non-web-dependent nature right from the start.

No WebGPT can be an excellent option for those seeking a less internet-reliant, yet capable and versatile chatbot AI.


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