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Bringing AI to your desktop.
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Jan is an open-source alternative to ChatGPT designed to operate completely offline on your device. This AI tool prioritizes privacy and is designed around high customizability.

Since it runs offline, all conversations, preferences, and model usage stay securely on your computer. These are fully exportable and can be deleted at any time, asserting the user's control over data.

It is unique in providing an OpenAI-equivalent API server at LOCALHOST: 1337 that can be utilized as a drop-in replacement with compatible applications, easing the integration of AI into your workflow.

A noteworthy feature of Jan is its capacity to increase productivity via customizable AI assistants and global hotkeys. Currently, it is in the development stage; hence, bugs may be expected as the product evolves.

However, its core team is driven by the belief that AI should be open source, which is reflected in their public development approach. Given its early stage, future updates are expected to further enhance Jan's functionality and usability, as part of a continuous process for improvement.

Please note that a mobile app version for Jan is under development. Potential users are encouraged to follow the progress on their public roadmap and GitHub page for the latest updates.

Jan was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Operates offline
Prioritizes privacy
High customizability
On-device data storage
User-controlled data
Exportable data
Workflow integration
Global hotkeys
Public roadmap availability
Regular updates
Mobile version coming
Public development approach
Secure data handling
Potential for continuous improvement
GitHub page accessibility
Increased productivity
User control over data
LOCALHOST API integration
Seamless app compatibility
Expected bug fixes
Aligns with open-source ethos
Intended for desktop use
Optimization for various OS
Allows for data deletion
Offline-first design
Real-time bug reporting
Promotes user autonomy
Available download options
10x productivity feature
Open-source code access
Continual development
Supports multiple hardware
Transparent company interaction
Strong community support
Active Discord community
Consistent version updates
Promise of mobile integration
Hotkeys for efficiency
100% local operation
Followable development process
Downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux
Drop-in replacement feature
Secure local data storage
Potential as GPT alternative


Still in development stage
Possible bugs
No mobile app yet
Requires manual data deletion
Limited community support
Possible productivity disruption
Offline-only operation
Local hosting required
Unique API compatibility needs
Limited updates


What is Jan?
What are the key features of Jan?
How does Jan prioritize privacy?
Can I customize Jan?
What is Jan's API server?
How does Jan integrate into my workflow?
Can I use Jan offline?
What are Jan's customizable hotkeys?
What can I expect from Jan's development stage?
What is the public development approach of Jan?
What updates are expected for Jan?
Is there a mobile app version for Jan?
Where can I follow Jan's development progress?
How do I install Jan on my computer?
How does Jan compare to ChatGPT?
Is Jan compatible with OpenAI?
Can I export or delete my data from Jan?
What does it mean that Jan operates at LOCALHOST: 1337?
Are their specific hardware requirements for using Jan?
Is there a community I can join for discussion and updates on Jan?

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