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Chatbot extension for browser conversations and tasks.
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Browser Buddy is a powerful Google Chrome extension that serves as your AI buddy, allowing you to have conversations and perform daily tasks with ease.

It enables seamless interaction with ChatGPT from any tab, without the need to switch contexts. With Browser Buddy, you can quickly interact with any website, chat with PDFs, and engage in real-time conversations with ChatGPT, all within your browser.

It provides a persistent sidebar that remains accessible whenever you need it.The tool offers useful features such as chat history, ensuring easy retrieval of previous conversations without compromising your privacy, as all information is stored locally on your device.

It also enables chatting with PDFs by simply clicking on them and offers a selection menu to interact with specific pieces of text on websites through predefined actions.Browser Buddy highlights full user control, allowing you to customize settings and achieve desired results by adjusting the model and temperature.

It prioritizes privacy, ensuring that your chat history remains private and confidential.Furthermore, Browser Buddy is designed to enhance productivity, helping you focus on important work by providing a range of tools.

It supports persistent chat across tabs, allowing you to retain conversations even when closing or refreshing browser tabs.As a free extension, Browser Buddy uses your OpenAI API key to facilitate conversations between you and the AI, and it ensures that none of your information leaves the browser.

The developers have plans to introduce more features in the future to further enhance the user experience.

Browser Buddy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 3rd 2023.
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