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Voice-based Q&A chatbot assistance
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"Self" is a voice-driven AI tool tailored for seamless on-the-go interactions. Powered by advanced GPT models, it serves as an intuitive companion designed for various activities such as open chats, brainstorming sessions, quick notes, translations, and definitions.

The tool features an intuitive design with a wheel interface, morphing into activity-specific buttons. At its core is Tom, a friendly animated face facilitating diverse conversations. Safety is prioritized with hands-free operation, integrated with CarPlay for safe commuting.

Unique features include a brainstorm mode with discussions hosted by Tom and Max playing devil's advocate, a multilingual interpreter for effortless language translation, and local insights using integrated GPS for travel recommendations.

Privacy is emphasized, with conversations stored locally on the device, HTTPS data transmission, and transparent data handling practices, including no persistent user logs.

The tool offers a trial period with free AI thinking/speaking time, followed by subscription plans for enhanced features and access to advanced GPT models. Users can integrate their OpenAI key for potential discounts.

Support includes guided onboarding by Tom, email assistance, and continuous updates for a future-forward experience on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and CarPlay. "Self" aims to converge voice, AI, and convenience for users on the move.

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