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Q by Vemo AI is an app designed to provide quick answers to user queries using advanced artificial intelligence technology. The application relies on voice input rather than typed questions, allowing users to speak naturally without interruptions.

With a focus on a distraction-free user interface, the app is developed to augment everyday productivity by making information access swift and straightforward.

It is developed by Vemo, the maker of an AI note-taker. Catering to user privacy, Q's data collection policies ensure the gathered information isn't linked to the user's identity.

The tool operates seamlessly on various Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Macs equipped with Apple M1 or later chips. Furthermore, the application supports versatility with device compatibility adjustments available for iPhone iOS 16.0, iPadOS 16.0, or macOS 13.0 or later versions.

Despite being packed with various advanced features, the application maintains a user-friendly ambiance with its simple UI and careful consideration of privacy aspects.


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Pros and Cons


Voice-activated queries
User privacy focused
Compatible with Apple devices
Distraction-free UI
Compatible with iOS 16.0
Compatible with iPadOS 16.0
Compatible with macOS 13.0
User-friendly interface
Data not linked to user
Supports Apple M1 chips
Adaptable to device updates
Easy information access
Augments productivity
Focused on natural speech
Designed for iPad use
Lightweight app size (3.4 MB)
Available in English
Age rating 4+
Free to use


No Android support
Voice-input only
Requires iOS 16.0+
Requires iPadOS 16.0+
Requires macOS 13.0+
Dependent on latest chips
No written text input
Only English language support
Not linked with non-Apple devices


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Can I use Q by Vemo AI on multiple Apple devices?
Does Q by Vemo AI support macOS 13.0?
Is Q by Vemo AI designed to enhance everyday productivity?
How simple is the UI of Q by Vemo AI?
Can I adjust device compatibility for Q by Vemo AI?
How does Q by Vemo AI handle data collection and privacy?
Is Q by Vemo AI a user-friendly application?
What is the quickest way to get answers with Q by Vemo AI?

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