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Automated chatbot for email interactions and tasks.
Generated by ChatGPT

HuggingChat is an open source chat tool that offers an alternative to ChatGPT. It provides a platform for users to access AI chat models that are currently being researched and improved, making it available to everyone for testing and experimenting purposes.

HuggingChat works by generating responses based on user input, allowing users to easily interact with the AI chat model. The current model being used is OpenAssistant/oasst-sft-6-llama-30b, which can assist with tasks such as writing an email or even coding a snake game.

It is important to note that HuggingChat is still in its v0 stage and is intended for demonstration purposes only. While AI is a promising technology, active research in this field has shown known issues such as biased generation and misinformation, which could pose serious risks for high-stakes decisions or advice.

As a result, users are cautioned to be mindful of the limitations of the application and to use it wisely.In conclusion, HuggingChat offers users a platform to access and experiment with AI chat models that would otherwise require specialized knowledge and resources.

It is intended for demonstration purposes only and users are advised to use it with caution. Overall, it has the potential to provide insights into the capabilities and limitations of AI chat models and to encourage further research and development in this field.

HuggingChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open source tool
Allows user experimentation
Encourages active research
Supports multiple tasks
Ideal for demonstration purposes
Promotes accessibility of technology
Assists in writing emails
Can aid in coding
Cautions users about limitations
Focused on community development
Features OpenAssistant/oasst-sft-6-llama-30b model


Still in v0 stage
Used for demonstration only
Known issues of biased generation
Potential for misinformation
Unsuitable for high-stakes decisions
Content may be inaccurate
Limited versatility for tasks


What is HuggingChat?
How does HuggingChat work?
What is the main purpose of HuggingChat?
What AI chat model does HuggingChat currently use?
What tasks can the current AI model assist with?
What does HuggingChat mean by 'v0 stage'?
What are the known issues with AI chat models mentioned by HuggingChat?
Why does HuggingChat recommend using the tool with caution?
What are the differences between HuggingChat and ChatGPT?
Is HuggingChat an open source software?
How can one start interacting with HuggingChat?
What kind of tasks can HuggingChat help with in terms of coding?
What does HuggingChat mean by 'biased generation' and 'misinformation'?
Can I use HuggingChat for high-stakes decisions or advice?
What insights can I get from using HuggingChat?
Why is it recommended to use HuggingChat only for testing and experimenting?
Is it free to use HuggingChat?
Will there be more advanced versions of HuggingChat in the future?
What specific precautions should I take when using HuggingChat?
What is the overall goal of HuggingChat?

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